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See my new post previewing Jack Hitt article in forthcoming Harper’s on "Palin Porn."  

From the great Jonathan Landay of McClatchy: new report finds Afghan army still "riddled" with "corruption and feuding."  Jeremy Scahill, watching Obama press conference with caped crusader Karsai, tweets:  "Obama said he and McChrystal are ‘accountable’ for civilian deaths in Afghanistan.  Really? How?" 

New NBC/WSJ poll finds 31%, alltime high number, find political  system "broken" and want third party.

The new Doug Liman film Fair Game, based on Plame case and starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watt, about to be screened at Cannes–we previewed it here last week and will follow what’s next.  I just posted the first clip from it here.

If you missed the Greenwald/Lessig debate on Kagan on Democracy Now! today it is here….New Pulitzer winner Kathleen Parker hits Kagan as "miles away" from mainstream America.  She once said much the same about Obama in a column I critiqued (and she later backtracked a bit)….  Colbert last night:   Yes, critics are right, Kagan might be too young for court–big Justin Bieber fan, we hear.  

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Path to power? We’ve got Clegg as deputy PM in Britain and now another former Nation intern, David Millband, declares to head Labour, and is now favorite.   He says LIb Dems joining Tories means Labour only voice for left.

Dead dolphins wash up on Gulf coast….Military bloggers unite to hit Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…And other soldiers remake a hit video to protest same….. Pro Publica’s daily list of top journalistic probes….Current Drudge topper: Kagan argued for "distribution of speech."… Another NYT obit shocker: Callie Angell, 62, expert on Warhol films and daughter of writer Roger Angell, dies in a suicide in New York.

Cool photo of Lena Horne with Medger Evers.


It’s come to this: Top latenight story came from Politico.  A longtime close friend of Elena Kagan reported that she is not gay.  Eliot Spitzer chimed in, too–saying he did not date her (actually a relief?).  Even  before then, Andrew Sullivan finally announced that while he was glad he had pushed the issue, he would now not say another word about it after withering criticism (from, among others, yours truly).

We know you’ve been waiting for this:  Heeb magazine’s fun take on the Kagan nomination.  Among other things, the "New Jew Review" folks point out that the USA is less than a century has gone from debating whether their should be a Jew on the high court to seemingly banning Protestants!

 Lessig has now responded to Greenwald’s response to him after their "debate" over Kagan on Maddow.  More from Glenn here.  And they are on Democracy Now this morning  continuing the debate.

Jon Stewart notes media focusing on Kagan being short, smoking, playing poker–what, she’s Danny DeVito?…Meanwhile, over at CNN, Larry King asked Laura Bush WHY she felt guility about that fatal car crash when it was just an "accident."  I give her credit for reminding him that she ran a stop sign, though she did quickly add that she was an inexperienced driver and the night was awful dark.

BRIT’S ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING:   The Guardian on Cameron appointing cabinet officers–and ex-Nation intern taking over as "deputy PM." On Cameron taking over after deal with Clegg: Simon Jenkins says he’s been dealt toughest hand for any PM ever and is not really in power but "on probation."  

Billy Bragg tweets on Brit election aftermath: "Enough ass-kicking. Tactical voting stopped Tories getting majority. Dry your eyes, let’s start the fightback."

 Let’s not let this Cameron moment pass without  sending you again, below, to the great Pulp parody "Common People."



RED ERICK REFORMED?  NYT profiles rightwing Red State editor, now with CNN, Erick Erickson.   Absurdly claims he is as tough on conservatives as liberals.  Says there is a "new" Erickson after all the criticism he (and CNN)  got after CNN move.

HOW JOURNALISM WILL SURVIVE  James Fallows in the new Atlantic on how to save journalism.  It ain’t easy or easy to describe. But he concludes that the future, "Guess what, is bright."   Google, of course, a key player.

CJR on the "emerging ecosystem" of the new investigative reporting–but can nonprofits and under startups survive after early funding dwindles?

You will surely enjoy this hysterical correction to a newspaper story and I refuse to divulge the frigging punchline.

ON THE CAN PAIN TRAIL  After opponent raised issue in TV spot, candidate in Alabama denies that he believes in…evolution.

Rep. Mollohan defeated in W. Va. primary by more conservative Democrat.  But Salt Lake paper suggests Utah GOPers may now target…Orrin Hatch.  Plus: Jimmy Carter’s grandson won a Senate seat in Georgia yesterday–and now RIchard Nixon’s grandson gets in the act.

New Specter ad swaps out Bush for Obama, mashup below from TPM.


A WIDER SHADE OF PALIN  Sarah Palin announced she’ll have a new book in November.  Well, at least it’s not another baby.

  NEW "CHARM OFFENSIVE"  Now we’re warming up to Karzai again.  What to expect out of today’s meeting, by Fred Kaplan.

McClatchy:  Pakistan can’t find links to Times Square bomber.  As I predicted.

ISRAEL INSIDE AND OUT  Eyal Press at NYRB blog: What Israelis really think of Obama (not so upset, actually).  Plus: Excellent Connie Bruck piece in The New Yorker on the Israeli lobby in action.

TAKE "GLEE" AND SEE  Newsweek writer responds to criticism of his piece about gay actors.  This won’t end it.  Now a "Glee" writer has joined a "boycott" on Newsweek.  P.S.  The inevitable Facebook campaign for Carol Burnett to host SNL has begun.  Who’s next?  Phyllis Diller?

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From The Onion,  semi-literate given cable news show.  Wait, this is a spoof???

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show