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THE DAY AFTER:  David Brooks and Gail Collins debate results of yesterday’s voting.  And David mourns loss of  sex hypocrite Rep. Mark Souder….Rand Paul: Just a kinder, gentler Glenn Beck?  And BTW, the Rand is short for Randal–not homage to Ayn Rand…..Roundup of other Rand reviews from Nate Silver, David Frum ("GOP has lost its antibodies"), more….Jonah Goldberg just now on Fox: lesson of yesterday is that Obama is "poisonous," somehow overlooking Dems 7 for 7 in special elections under Obama….

NEW EVIDENCE    Video has surfaced of entire speech it hit CT candidate Blumenthal for, quoting him saying he served "in" Vietnam–but in  first part of speech he clearly said he merely served in Vietnam era.   NYT just defended what it did here.

ALABAMA MAN:   That now-famous wacky commercial for Dale Peterson, Alabama candidate for Ag Commissioner inspires this Funny or Die takeoff:   

BITS AND PIECES   "Frontline" gets $6 million to expand year-round….Today’s investigative reporting around the Web you should be reading, from Pro Publica….Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine hitting Arizona law and rightwingers  in several tweets today, including: "when the REAL Tea Party happened in the 1700’s, it was an attack against a CORPORATION."..… NYT invites those serving in Afghanistan to send photos, videos, stories.  Already up: soldiers from Ft. Drum discuss "fear."

‘TIMES’ FOR A CHANGE As Linda Thompson once asked in song, "Did she jump or was she pushed?"  NYT announces that longtime managing ed Jill Abramson is "temporarily" shifting to overseeing digital side only.  Welcome part of Web trend — or something more? 

THAI TAKEOUT:  Top reporting of conflict in Thailand today: gripping tweets by Mark MacKinnon of Toronto’s Globe & Mail, with death and injuries (including colleagues) all around him.  He just thanked Tweeps for RTing his reports, leading to arrival of ambulances.

BROWN OUT: Campbell Brown losing 8 pm show on CNN.  Maybe "Law & Order" could find home there.  Already rumors of Eliot Spitzer getting show.   Or could do "Bleep My Mom Says" with Betty White….CNN with first photo of hapless Times Sq bomber since arrest….Megyn Kelly on Fox this afternoon again attacking women who bring sex harassment charges, this time inspired by suit against her heart throb, Kiss’s Gene Simmons… .

RAZZING RASMUSSEN:  Markos reveals the GOP-friendly pollster’s "dishonest game," most recently failure to poll when he’d likely be proven wrong.  Also check disparity between his polls and all others on the "generic" Dem vs Rep vote question.



Big night for Democratic insurgents as Lincoln forced into runoff with Halter in Arkansas and Arlen Specter felled by shot from the Grassy No. No magic ballot theory could save him. As Phil Ochs might have said, "Arlen Specter find yourself another party to be part of."  

Also, Democrat Critz easily and surprisingly held on to Murtha’s House seat in PA.  And Rand Paul win in Kentucky actually provides better chance for Democratic pickup there.

Howard Dean calls it big night for progressives in TPM talk…..Big night for labor, among winners named by Marc Ambinder….There have now been 7 special House elections in past year—Dems have won all, but you’d never know it from Fox…..The Oregonian on former NBA big man Chris Dudley winning GOP primary for governor….Chuck Todd tweets this morning:  "Blanche Lincoln is in BIG trouble.  History and physics of runoff elections with incumbents not on her side."  

Special report from Reuters on Afghan/Pakistan shift: How the White House "learned to love the drone." 


UNWED TEEN PREGNANCY PAYS  Bristol Palin to hit lecture circuit speaking on abstinence for big bucks.  Hopefully will not ask Rep. Souder’s mistress to video tape it. 

1000 MILESTONE IN WAR  As U.S. miltiary deaths in Afganistan reach 1000, commemorative plea and video here.  But not exactly massive media coverage today, though NYT revives its "faces of the dead"…Excellent PBS "Frontline" report last night on war vets’ problems back home also included troubling claims by some of them about shooting of Iraqi civilians.  

RATHER A STARTLING REPORT Dan Rather with major HDnet report on high-toned Portland as "Pornland," with child prostitution problem.  Here’s his video and blog post.

KING MIDAS IN REVERSE  Mother Jones exposes Goldline, and Glenn Beck hyping—Rep. Anthony Weiner announces probe. …Speaking of gold: NYT with major piece on Goldman Sachs clients worried about conflicts of interests.

BLUMENTHAL, DAY 2  NYT follows up on Blumenthal/Vietnam probe—and tough editorial suggests his missteps may be "disqualifying" for his CT Senate candidacy…..Wash Monthly:  Many Republicans swept into office in1994 revolt have been felled by sex or corruption scandals.

TEACHERS UNION’S LAST STAND:   That’s premise of NYT Magazine feature coming this Sunday by Steve Brill—just posted online….. Below: Cool commercial for ….teaching.

DISASTER WATCH McClatchy: BP withholds oil leak facts—and government lets it…..Tom Friedman: Gulf oil disaster is not Obama’s Katrina but his 9/11—in sense that he is not using aftermath to rally country for new energy direction…..Much here from Ezra Klein on latest twists in financial regulation on The Hill—including how Blanche Lincoln’s primary woes may play out with that.

FILM WATCH Doug Liman, director of Fair Game, which screens tomorrow at Cannes, on why he picked Naomi Watts to play Valerie Watts—and how he made her seem like super-secretive spy……Upcoming doc film on Jimmy Breslin and the rise of NYC newspapers. ….My new piece on how HBO series "The Pacific" handled the atomic bombing of Japan in its closing.

BORNE BY MISS USA  Huff Post’s NY editor calls background of new Miss USA "whorish"—for pole dance with clothes on in radio contest.  Maybe he is hoping for a "nip slip" and more page views.

DEMOCRACY NOW! NOW:  Two buddies on Democracy Now!  today talking election:  Will Bunch and our own Katrina vanden Heuvel.

MIEN OF STEELE Michael Steele, last seen hitting Elena Kagan for Thurgood Marshall ties, now has op-ed hailing Brown v. Board of Education—which Marshall fought for winning side.

TRIANGULATION  Teacher who used Obama assassination as geometry problem now placed on leave, may be fired.

FRENCH KISS OFF: French gov’t approves new bill banning wearing of burkas.

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If you missed yesterday:  great Huff Post mashup video of 2010 campaigns so far, from "demon sheep" to the Chicken Lady: