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Palin comparison:  Much of media going wild today claiming Palin’s endorsements proving to be gold for candidates.  This not only overlooks her many defeats, but also, Dave Weigel asks the key question: Why are they giving her credit for backing frontrunners who were going to win anyway? 

Mistah Kurtz, he read? Howie Kurtz, mocked by Newsweek, hits back, calling them "defensive." 

Andy Borowitz advises:  "Next time you pull up to a BP station, say, I’ll have whatever the pelicans are having."

Departing NYT public editor Clark Hoyt reviews his tenure as "shock absorber" for my old E&P  pal Joe Strupp.  Who will replace him?

WSJ’s wacky Dorothy Rabinowitz calls Obama "The Alien in the White House."   Starting with when he disappeared that bust of Churchill. Seriously!  

The OTHER Drilling Crisis:   I’ll be attending screening tonight at Burns Center in Westchester County, plus panel with producer Debra Winger, of Sundance doc fave GasLand, about the boom in drilling for natural gas (several major explosions/accidents just in past two weeks).  Amazing brief excerpt below: 

No one in the MSM was more harshly critical of Helen Thomas than Richard Cohen of the Wash Post, yet  Andrew Sullivan finds a column he wrote in 2006 in which he called Israel a "mistake" from the beginning:  "It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself."

CNN:  "21 percent of children in the U.S. will be living below the poverty line in 2010, the highest rate in 20 yrs." 

Primary day wrapup:  Proposition mandating open primaries in Calif passes (top two candidates from any party move on to finals) — NYT today with good debate on effects  ….. Meg Whitman spent $88 per voter in Calif but still had cash bar at victory bash….  Carly and Whitman the worst of Silicon Valley values? ….  GOPer who beat Lowden in Nevada is even wackier than Chicken Lady.  "Flouridation, Mandrake? Fluoridation?"  TPM with full roundup.

Media Matters previews Glenn Beck’s upcoming "novel." 


THE BIG SPILL:  Headline we never thought we’d see:  "Actor Kevin Costner Testifies on the Oil Spill Before the House."  

HALTER SLIPS:  Big win for Obama and Bubba in Arkansas, and loss for progressives, as Lincoln gets narrow win.  Greg Sargent at Wash Post blog analyzes.  White House sounds off (anonymously) on liberals and labor wasting time and money fighting Lincoln instead of GOP.  

NIKKI DON’T LOSE THAT NUMBER?    Nikki Haley wins easily in S. Carolina governor’s race but 49% total means runoff–plenty of time for more alleged paramours to step forward…. Total unknown Dem with no money, unemployed,  not even a web site, wins Senate primary upset-–S. Carolina, of course!  To be destroyed by Jim DeMint, no doubt.

MONEY TALKS: Carly Fiorina and Meg Wnitman win GOP nods in Calif for governor and senator.  Orly "Birther Queen" Taitz swamped in Calif race for Secy of State.   Mickey Kaus loses…. Angle beats "Chicken Lady" Lowden in Nevada.  She’s even nuttier than Rand Paul.  

SLICK PR    The Onion:  "Massive Flow of Bullshit Continues to Gush from BP Headquarters."    It’s toxic and estimated at 20,000 to 70,000 words a day…..  Thad Allen going after them anyway? …  McClatchy: Feds knew of risks since 2000.  And good video on spill from Miami Herald. … 

ASS BACKWARDS?  Kevin Drum slams NBC for manipulation on hype surrounding Obama’s "not-so-kick-ass"  Today segment …. Daily Show displays poster for Obama: "ASSQUEST 2010."  But Stewart tells the president: "But so far it looks like the ass has been kicking YOU." ….  Andy Borowitz:  "Obama Sends Emergency Cans of Whup Ass to Gulf."   …  Colbert raps birthers in covering Obama’s alleged appearance in old rap video….     

MAYBE GEORGE PLIMPTON WAS RIGHT  Stephen Strasburg — the real Sidd Finch? …. Dead Spin: Firm evidence of Pete Rose corking his bat (see x-ray photo).  He denies he cheated–but then again, he claimed for years that  Mistake in Guardian corrections column correcting corrections column.

STIM SELL RESEARCH  Good roundup of links here for experts/bloggers weighing in on deficits, need for more federal stimulus, and more.  Senate liberals making big, last-minute bid to toughen up Obama’s financial reform package…..

SCARIER THAN JOAN RIVERS’ FACE?   Biological weapons experts argue that Botox represents terror threat — if bad guys got enough of key ingredient that is "deadliest substance known to science." 

TO HELEN AND BACK  Some journalism awards named after Helen Thomas may now be re-named.. Robert Scheer hits over-reaction. …..Elsewhere here at MediaFix,  videos of Helen Thomas grilling Bush on Iraq — and from the time Stephen Colbert ran from her in fright (part of his famous White House Correspondents Dinner routine)…..Forget who gets Thomas’s seat in the WH press room–oh the irony, Fox now in the lead.  The question is,  who got the Jeff Gannon seat?  (An endowed chair, so to speak.)

BITS & PIECES  4 more U.S. troops killed today in Afghanistan–copter shot down….  NYT editorial: "Doctors Who Aid Torture," based on revelations this week on U.S. use of physicians under Bush…. BBC: WikiLeaks not fazed by arrest of possible key source…. Some wag submits joke to NYT suggesting Tipper Gore marry ABC’s Jake Tapper, making her Tipper Tapper. … Setback for Chevron in battle to get outtakes to Crude documentary.  The Birther/Kenya/BP connection:  snapshot of a grand unified Obama conspiracy theory….. 

SPINAL RAPPED  Michael McKean tweets: "I’d like to go on record — George W. Bush is the kind of guy I’d like to have a beer instead of."

GETTING WARM   As Senate prepares to vote on Murkowski bill to forestall new efforts,  poll shows strong majority believe in global warming and believe man is culprit…


Ben Craw used to do great daily mashups of cable news coverage at Talking Points Memo, and then moved on to Huff Post where he does more free-floating such work (some featured here already).  Here’s his latest, on the TV plea for Obama to hit the emote — become Tickle Me Emo? 



One of the musical highlights of 2009:  Springsteen and Tom Morello doing a highly-electric (not to mention highly revelant in the New Recession) version of Bruce’s "Ghost of Tom Joad."