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Robert Redford at Huff Post decries no action on climate: "The American people wanted a home run not a bunt."

Interesting piece in Washington Independent on surprisingly large numbers of layoff victims refusing to go quietly, instead organizing online for elections this fall.

The controversial Arizona immigrant law will still take effect Thursday, but a federal judge today blocked sections that required officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws.

My new piece on Obama warned by experts about Afghanistan — in November 2008 shortly before taking office.

Last month, a study done by anti-Social Security advocates falsely claimed that Americans favor raising the age of retirement to 69. AmericaSpeaks has now corrected the survey in an online report. Blogger David Dayen at Firedoglake.com spotted the correction.

Pot, Meet Kettle:  Try to read Mark Halperin’s new take on media overhyping rightwing issues with straight face. 

At least they’re DISCLOSing: With all the talk about Republicans sweeping the midterm elections this fall, Democrats are fighting back saying they are prepared to spend $49 million on TV ads in an effort to keep the majority.


Garry Wills at NY Review of Books breaks silence imposed on meeting of historians with Obama last year, revealing most warned president of "folly" of Afghan war and he has totally ignored this: "The only thing achieved has been the silencing of the main point the dinner guests tried to make—that pursuit of war in Afghanistan would be for him what Vietnam was to Lyndon Johnson….The President might have been saved from the folly that will be his lasting legacy."

Maureen Dowd with hard-hitting column on Afghan war after WikiLeaks leak:  "Washington gave the Pakistanis billions and in return, they stabbed us in the back, pledging to fight the militants even as they secretly help the militants."  Plus: "one chilling fact: the Taliban has been getting better and better every year of the insurgency. So why will 30,000 more troops help."

Today on Democracy Now: A rare hour with WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange…. WikiLeaks leak seems to reveal U.S. pays Afghan press to run stories….  Daily Show and Colbert both tackle WikiLeaks leak and leaker "BradAss87." Here’s Jon:   

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Were concerns about BP leak overhyped? NYT front-page reports on disappearing slick, although still worries about unseen effects. Tom Friedman also argues that we shouldn’t be too relieved yet.

Politico: Pelosi ripped Obama and Reid on not moving faster on climate change.

DEMS THE BREAKS  Dems release video saying GOP and Tea Party are "One and the Same." …Today’s chuckle: Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen in WSJ op-ed charging that it’s Obama who has been "divisive" and played the "race card." 

CHALLENGING THE WAR,  LEFT AND RIGHT :  Maddow talks to, yes, a GOP congressman from red state who wants to bring the troops home …. Dems in House split over war in Afghan but approve giant funding.  Blogger Emptywheel tweets: "Folks, it’s not JUST that Dems voted to fund the Afghan war. They did so while letting teachers lose their jobs." More on this theme….  

CHALLENGING THE PRESIDENT in 2012?  Dem honcho Gov. Ed Rendell, in a surprise, says today Obama may face primary challenge in 2012 over Afghanistan. Who do you think it will be? Comment below.

ROCKIN’ THE NUKES  The Bo Deans among the performers or groups (Pearl Jam, Macy Gray, Dave Matthews etc.)  backing new anti-nuke doc Countdown to Zero.  Read more here and here’s their new video on same:

BYTES & PIECES:  If you want to read about Condi Rice, yes, on piano backing up Aretha Franklin, go here  and photo here … Copying me, White House now has its own Daybook…. British PM David Cameron: Yes, Gaza is a prison camp.

RUSSIAN  UNDRESSING  Russian court surprisingly throws out case against "extremist" opposition editor: "The newspaper, Consensus and Truth, which is in the city of Klin, has regularly focused attention on the shortcomings of local government, and the authorities have long sought to shut it down"


Tim Geithner’s secret thoughts about Elizabeth Warren.   



One of the true classics– and still highly relevant– from the immortal Marvin Gaye, "Inner City Blues," in cool Hughes Brothers video. "Make me wanna holler /  throw up both my hands." Panic is spreading, god knows where we’re heading.