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Mistah Kurtz, he mad?  Howie exits Wash Post for The Daily Beast.   What’s next, Bob Woodward to Yahoo? 

Jon Stewart mocked Rick Sanchez  last night—even showed a comparison to Michael Scott and suggests he could fill Steve Carell’s spot on The Office next season—but closes on kinder note and points out that Rick’s being replaced by ParkerSpitzer.

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Hurty Sanchez
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Ezra Klein hits Tom Friedman’s "Radical Center" idea for third-party run in 2012….. Nate Silver:  Odds against Third-Party Bid not as long as they seem. Really? Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson for president? Plus, news that polling itself is getting worse in general. 

Not exactly earth-shaking: MIchael Kinsley and Joe Scarborough columns debut at Politico today.

Most of reaction I’ve seen to ParkerSpitzer debut on CNN quite scathing, some even wondering if Rick Sanchez could be brought back to the 8 p.m. slot. They lost me when who appeared as first guest (with Tom Frank) none other than…. Andrew Breitbart. Spitzer’s special background tested when a guest approvingly recalled when he had "huge balls." Later Spitzer asked guests about their "guilty pleasure." A juvenile roundtable segment capped it off. But one highlight: Refreshing candor from Aaron Sorkin, who called Palin an "idiot" and said today’s GOP like "a mental ward." Here’s opening segment. My new piece on Parker.

CSM: Did Israeli militants torch a mosque in the West Bank? ….  Democracy NowThe Dark History of Medical Experimentation From the Nazis to Tuskegee to Puerto Rico 

Andy Borowitz: "POLL: Democrats in Congress Unaware They Have a Majority." 

More video:  Stephen Colbert looks at Tea Party coloring books for kids. 

TEA BREAK What rightwing tax cut mania can lead to: Tenn. county’s subscription-based firefighters watch as home burns down. Olbermann announces he is organizing attempt to aid Cranick family.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Think Progress will charge US Chamber of Commerce with running attack ads with money from foreign corps…. Forget the Tea Party and media hype: New poll finds Cuomo over Paladino by 24% in NY….  Mike Allen scoop: That "outside" GOP funding group Crossroads will announce one of biggest political ad buys ever,  $4 million in 8 Senate race states…. Who could believe eliminating the minimum wage would become a GOP campaign issue?… Linda McMahon in hammerlock:  Blumenthal leads CT-Sen race by 12 points… Carl Paladino says Andrew Cuomo “Should Be In Jail” 

TV FLICKS  Another good doc on PBS tonight, the heralded one on my old friend Dan Ellsberg…..HBO’s film on Springsteen’s "Darkness" comes on Thursday.  

BITS & PIECES   Steve Coll in The New Yorker on Woodward, Obama and Afghanistan….. Jake Tapper’s new ABC web cast "Political Punch" debuts today…..  Should he be called "Luckerberg"?  Ezra Klein’s take on  Zuckerberg and a world of "simultaneous invention."


 Now that Christine O’Donnell is channeling Nixon with ‘I am not a witch’ now she has to say we won’t have her to kick around any more. Her first TV ad: 



If you saw The Social Network you probably walked out of the theater at the end to some group singing "Baby You’re a Rich Man." Yes, it was the Beatles, and here’s a full version. Actually, they could have used "Got To Get You Into My Life" from same era.