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Obama does cover story interview for Rolling Stone. Hits Fox again. Cool story about Bob Dylan at the White House. Reveals iPod choices (again)… And Matt Taibbi also at Stone on how big GOP money built "grassroots" Tea Party "monster."

Born to Rahm (out of town): Reports that Emanuel exiting White House  this week… Good Peter Daou summary  of liberal bloggers vs. Obama mainly on civil liberties issues, assassinating our own citizens etc. with update on key Rolling Stone passage.  

Bill O’Reilly on The Daily Show last night suggested a drone attack on Stephen Colbert might be warranted after his testimony before Congress last night. Jon Stewart defended him, quite effectively, with more slams at Andy Dick–ish Congress  and Megyn Kelly. See Stephen’s take at bottom of page.

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NYT front-pager: CIA has "drastically" stepped up drone bombing attacks—in Pakistan amid "mounting frustration" over that country’s failure to help war on Taliban. 

Meanwhile, another reason for our lack of progress: Afghan civilians angry about our drones and soldiers killing them, e.g.: this report: "Members of an American Army unit consumed with drug use randomly chose Afghan civilians to kill and then failed to report the abuses out of fear they would suffer retaliation from their commander, according to testimony in military court here on Monday." They also posed with the bodies and collected body parts. One soldier hails from… Wasilla, Alaska.

New video teaser for my upcoming book, here showing the first use of the screen to defeat a candidate: Irving Thalberg vs. Upton SInclair, 1934.

UP ON THE ARI  Big boost for my former E&P intern (and now Nation colleague)  Ari Berman, as Mike Allen excerpts his new book over at Playbook. Here’s a quote from Sen. Tom Harkin: “There’s a certain hubris among the people around Obama in the White House that they were above the fray and didn’t have to pay attention to the base.… Certainly a president has to govern from the middle, but you’ve got to reassure your base that what they did and how hard they worked was worth something.”

MALCOLM ON THE MUDDLE  Malcolm Gladwell on social media & social change: why the revolution will not be tweeted. Not long ago, Gladwell said he didn’t want to comment on social media since he didn’t use it really.

NEW BECK THREAT Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make the Big (Chalk) Board on Glenn Beck’s wacky show, due to upcoming DC mocking rallies… Young Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin in 1997. 

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Nineteen of the twenty GOP Senate nominees have declared climate change science inconclusive or complete bunk… Lisa Murkowski gaining ground in Alaska in write-in effort… Media still largely failing to admit that Sarah Palin always was, still is, deeply unpopular. Latest: she is trounced in poll by not exactly public fave Barack Obama… Bob Herbert says Carl Paladino (GOP candidate for gov in NY, who went to college with me way back when) still has to explain racist emails and more.

DEPARTMENT OF IRONY  Segway company owner dies after rolling into river in freak accident—on a Segway.  Andy Borowitz: "What can we learn from the BP oil spill, the Segway, and the war in Afghanistan? Starting is easier than stopping."

BITS & PIECES  Markos Moulitsas at SF Chron on American Taliban (also title of his new book)… David Simon of Treme and The Wire fame gets MacArthur "genius" grant… Surprising NYT sports piece on young Mets slugger (one of few Jewish players in the game) and his family’s Holocaust history.


We gave you Jon Stewart’s take on Colbert’s testmony before Congress. Now here is Stephen’s from last night.

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New "solo" Neil Young out today, but electric and strange and rocking thanks to the great Daniel Lanois at the knobs.  A selection, in which he recalls troubles caused by early fame: