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Due to election day blogging, will be limited Daybook today. Look for all-day-and-night blogging here starting this morning.

Keith Olbermann, responding to Jon Stewart, is dropping Worst Persons in the World out of concern about tone Now waiting for Limbaugh to drop racism, Beck to demolish blackboard, Hannity to lose smirk… Jon Stewart, for his part, criticized for "false equivalency" slams at left and right pundits at rally, went especially hard after Fox last night.

Terrific Anthony Shadid piece on the deadly church bombing in Iraq and how it reveals continuing troubles at the core of the society.

Let us now praise a Republican: Robert G. Marshall, a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, asked the state’s attorney general to launch an investigation of the now-controversial Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, whose, um, streamlined process for registering 65 million home loans has led to chaos about who has the legal right to foreclose on borrowers. "There are too many people getting foreclosed on not properly," said Marshall, "The disdain with which the conditions of law have been treated by those who want to make money too fast is very troubling to me."

Nate Silver: 5 Reasons Democrats Could Beat the Polls and Hold the House.

Comical David Brooks: claims those GOPers about to take over are "modest" and "sober."

How will majority vote today? Answer: majority will not even vote.

Rosanne Cash to John Boehner: ‘Stop Using My Dad’s Name as a Punchline, You Asshat.’

Andy Borowitz: "Every Election Day, the majority of us put aside our differences—and don’t vote at all."

You think this year’s campaigns dirty? This one topped them all—and check out Chamber of Commerce role.  And check out the first attack ads ever created for the screen to destroy a candidate—-by MGM’s revered Irving Thalberg.

Honorary Oscar for Godard revives charges of anti-Semitism.