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We will spend one more day with special focus on items about the Tucson massacre and related stories.  Yes, I’m liveblogging WikiLeaks news and views again today, including Assange court hearing and arguments made there. Catch up on Monday in WikiLeaks wildness here.

Talking Points Memo: Before Shooting, A Campaign Season Rife With Gun Rhetoric.

David Brooks, no surprise: political rhetoric had zero to do with Tucson massacre. In fact, the media and lefties had it all wrong. Bob Herbert focuses on overall violence in USA.

Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow last night with a strong focus on guns and violence. And Steve Yelvington tweets: "Gun nuts love everything about 2nd Amend except ‘well-regulated militia’ part, which seems to be written in invisible ink."

Jon Stewart’s sincere, if rambling, five-minute opening comments on Tuscon shootings. Rest of show, the usual.

A lot here from Greg Sargent on some in GOP hitting Palin now. Plus he cites: "Dana Milbank argues the criticism of Palin and her ‘chief spokesman’ Glenn Beck is well deserved: ‘Both are finally being held to account for recklessly playing with violent images in a way that is bound to incite the unstable.’"

Andy Borowitz tweets: "BREAKING: Fox Urges Hosts to Dial Down Rhetoric to ‘Hateful’."

McClatchy: A year after earthquake, Haiti’s recovery remains gridlocked.

89% of non-hospital abortion providers have experienced harassment.

Evgeny Morozov broke it yesterday this way: "Wow! julianassangemustdie.com is registered to melissaclouthier.com. Clouthier is a blogger for RightWingNews and StopTheACLU." Proof was here. This morning the domain registration has suddenly been removed. She tweets @Melissatweets. Clouthier recently wrote that the "ultimate truth" is: Obama is a "lazy moron." And she does joint podcasts with Andrew Malcolm, the former Laura Bush aide and longtime LA Times blogger. "Malcolm & Melissa."

Mother Jones: Some Dems ready to roll on filibuster reform but is Harry Reid on board?

LA Times in surprisingly tough editorial calls treatment of Bradley Manning "indefensible." 


Life story of Assange, newsreel style. (h/t  @Asher_Wolf).  Also checkout Vanity FairRe-capping the Lost Second Season of "Sarah Palin’s Alaska." 


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