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New from Glenn Greenwald: What does Israel fear from media coverage?   He also (you can watch)  out-debated MSNBC guest host/Israel apologist Eliot Spitzer late this afternoon….Rep. Anthony Weiner in usual over-the-top defense. ….

U.S. backs inquiry — but, naturally, by Israel, not outsiders…..  American Prospect with good backgrounder on Gaza blockade…..George Packer at New Yorker:   Israel’s government bent on isolation and self-destruction, though he considers incident more a "blunder" than a "crime."  Helen Thomas rails at White House over handling, see video.  GOP leader Eric Cantor calls on Obama to stand up more strongly FOR Israel. Reporters Without Borders calls on Israel to release 15 journos it has seized.

Earlier, ABC’s Jake Tapper reports this morning that White House offiical tells him Obama will "stand with Israel" because Israel can only make peace "if it feels secure." In revealing quote, U.S. official tells Politico‘s Ben Smith re: Israel:  "We’re the only ones who believes them."  Sarah Palin advises:  Don’t listen to "mainstream media" on Israel (even though they rarely criticize Israel, in USA anyway).    UN condemnation today weakened by U.S. pressure…. 

Haaretz editorial: "The decision makers’ negligence is threatening the security of Israelis, and Israel’s global status. Someone must be held responsible for this disgraceful failure."

OIL DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT   Eric Holder announces civil and criminal probes of oil leak….. From Twitter feed of faux @BPGlobalPR commenting on DOJ criminal probe:   "If we’re being accused of being criminals, we want to be tried by a jury of our peers– wealthy execs who don’t give a damn."      BP shares plummet, it loses $17 billion in value today.  Mike Madden tweets:  "Maybe we could get a squad of Israeli commandos to stop the oil spill.   Just tell them the oil is aid for Gaza."

SHADOW CONGRESS  Major new TPM interactive guide to 170 former congress members now lobbying Congress as influence peddlers

TRUFFLE IN PARADISE  NYT Mag stands by its cover story on M.I.A. despite her protests.

DUMB-DO-RAND-RAND   Will Bunch:  Rand Paul picked Kremlin-backed, 9/11 conspiracy web site over "Meet the Press" for interview. 

BITS AND PIECES   Matt Bai at NYT on Tea Party embrace of repeal of 17th amendment (direct electon of Senators).….  Steve Benen:  okay "deficit hawks" — does Pentagon budget really ahve to be $726 billion? …. ProPublica:  Reports on tainted Chinese dry wall ignored for two years….. New Yorker piece by  Pankaj Mishra responds to Hirsi Ali and other critics of Muslims…Andy Borotwitz on Al and Tipper Gore splitting:  "Most likely NY Post headline: GLOBAL COOLING."


AFTERMATH OF ISRAELI ATTACK ON AID SHIP:    Israel still holds hundreds seized in the raid and not allowing access to those who might contradict their version of incident.  IDF kills two Palestinians who infilatrated Gaza border.  Israeli Naval officer says ready to stop another ship heading to Gaza on Wednesday.  The Guardian has a live blog updating everything all day….. Atrios: "Unlike wacky Arab people, i rejoice when soldiers invade my home."

NYT on how the raid severely "complicates"  U.S.-Israel relations, co-written by Ethan Bronner (left),  bureau chief whose son is in IDF.  Here’s NYT’s public editor’s column which said the paper should re-assign Bronner….. Here’s Glenn Kessler of Wash Post on same "special relationship" subject…..

Andrew Sullivan responds to claim Israel’s killing warranted because passengers fought back….Interesting NYT blog post with parallels to famous 1947 "Exodus" ship attack….  . … American student loses eye protesting attack.  Marc Lynch at Foreign Policy:  Obama, like Bush, had failed to tackle Gaza humanitarian  crisis.     Video library on flotilla attack.  Ian Welsh:  Turkey may now want war with Israel.  It is, in any case, sending more ships to Gaza. 

ISRAELI NEWSPAPER RESPONDS   Gideon Levy in Haaretz: Israel learned nothing from its previous Gaza disaster.  "This is a place that turns away intellectuals, shoots peace activists, cuts off Gaza and now finds itself in an international blockade."    Ari Shavit on "FIasco on the High Seas."  Another Haaretz commentator hits Israel’s inevitable "use of force," always, and self-destuctive."   Yet another mocks Israel’s "seven idiots in the cabinet."

WAR DEATH MAP Sobering CNN interactive map on every U.S. military death in Iraq and Afghan, where they were from, where died, average age etc. …. Andy Borowitz on latest report: "For those keeping score, we have now killed al-Qaeda’s number three 9000 times."

TAKE THIS CEO AND SHOVE IT   BP CEO moans that "I’d like my life back." Brief video:



EVERY WIKI WAY BUT LOOSE:  Watch video about WikiLeaks at The New Yorker and profile of founder .

BIT AND PIECES "BIg Short" author Michael Lewis writes letter to Wall Street execs on "shorting reform".…. The Guardian: The scandal of child labor on U.S. farms …. 

DEATH WISH?   Sarah Palin’s hometown newspaper in editorial reminds Joe McGinniss that Todd might be legally able to use "deadly force" against him.

OIL AND WATER  Oil leakage could last until August and other great news…..  Bob Herbert on America’s "epic foolishness"–inability to rise to the occasion not just on oil leak but other ills….. Robert Reich at TPM:  Put BP under temporary receivership…..  Raw Story:  What a shock, BP hires former Cheney spokeswoman…. Amazing old promo film by oil industry with segment on  "The Lifeline of the Oyster," which suggests the little critters actually like to be bathed in oil–and  they don’t mean on the plate.  Starts just after 9 minute mark.

TED KOPPEL’S SON DIES  The 40-year-old found dead in New York after a night of heavy drinking.

MOVIE TIME    My favorite movie of last year, "Goodbye Solo"– immigrant taxi driver and ailing passenger set in North Carolina — on PBS’s Independent Lens tonite at 10 pm.

TODAY’s LAFF   The late, great Dennis Hopper loved to do TV commercials, including this one, in the bath, with a rubber ducky.   And don’t miss him, post-Easy Riderreciting Kipling on the Johnny Cash show, 1970.