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Judiciary Comm okays Kagan, with Sen. Graham’s vote, now will GOP filibuster? 

Rightwing Daily Caller got hold of a few more emails from that liberal JournoList list serv responding to the embarrassing ABC performance for 2008 presidential debate and pretends this is a scandal.  Remember:  Charles Gibson booed by audience at the end? Here’s what I wrote at the time. 

And another racial  "scandal" pushed by Andrew Breitbart  "disintegrates," according to Media Matters, as context for remarks by official–and edited tape–emerge.   And now the offiical, Shirley Sherrod,  says she was asked to quit in three calls from USDA, allegedly under orders from White House.   But White House says it was Tom Vilsack’s call. Company that made video says it is sending full tape to NAACP, which initially also called on Sherrod to resign.

UPDATE on above:  Sherrod on CNN says USDA official who asked her to quit cited an upcoming segment on Glenn Beck’s show as a reason.  Also, the farmer at center of story says Sherrod actually helped him tremendously and "saved our farm"  and can’t imagine why people claiming she is racist.  CNN also reveals that Sherrod’s father was killed by a "white farmer" who was never prosecuted.  

Tim Fernholz at American Prospect captures how Ross Douthat defends and justifies ideas he lacks courage to explicitly advocate.   Yes, Douthat’s column yesterday was horrendous–and transparent.

My new piece on banned Family Guy episode on abortion — and you can watch excerpt and debate it. 

For more than a decade, BP has been operating a secret phone line where California lawmakers can request tickets to concerts, games, you name it, at the Sacramento stadium named after its West Coast subsidiary.

The Onion Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33-Year-Old Boyfriend From Africa


Amazing front-page NYT story: in snapshot of entire war in Iraq, a son kills his own father: "Everybody hated him because he worked for the Americans."

Day Two of Wash Post  bombshell "Top Secret America" series: "To ensure that the country’s most sensitive duties are carried out only by people loyal above all to the nation’s interest, federal rules say contractors may not perform what are called ‘inherently government functions.’ But they do, all the time and in every intelligence and counterterrorism agency, according to a two-year investigation by The Washington Post." 
Five-page administration response here. "Intentional overlaps." Right.

Despite the Top Secret attention, the  #1 most-read story at the Post site on Monday was the flap over Sarah Palin’s  pathetic coining of the  word "refudiate" — and then she had to nerve to compare herself to Shakespeare. One wag commented: "To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous liberals / or to quit halfterm, and by opposing, rake in speaking fees."

Senate finally set to pass unemployment benefits extension–but package is not all that generous.

THE NUKE DEAL  Bob Herbert warns about push for nuclear power: after BP leak (and earlier, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl) , do we really need more evidence that accidents likely?

TEA TO GO:  McClatchy: Tea Party Express leader Kremer backs ousted Williams despite racist blog post. And Media Matters points out Williams has been guest on CNN 10 times since last  August.

BUT WHERE’s ARTHUR TREACHER?  Jay Rosen tweets: "Watching David Gregory on Meet the Press Sunday, one saw a peddler of partisan banalities. The Merv Griffin of politics." …  No cents in humor: NYT closing down its Laugh Lines blog, partly due to budget.

TRUE GRIT   I was  on GritTV on Monday –talking George Shultz, the Top Secrets series, 65th anniversary of The Bomb–with video here and below:



THE LEAK FIX?  Video of Julian Assange at TED arguing the world needs WikiLeaks.

NEED INCEPTION   Cable-watching liberal nightmare in real life: Olbermann on vacation for two weeks, overlapping with Colbert and Stewart also off?…  Meanwhile, Monday night at Fox, Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg slammed Dana Priest for "sharing a byline" on the Post series with "despicable" and "leftwing antiwar" guy Bill Arkin.

HITCH RETURNS  Christopher Hitchens is back –with smackdown of Mel Gibson as religious righty.

THE LEBRON SHOW, Season 2:    ESPN greenlights Lebron’s "The Decision" for 22 more episodes:   From The Onion, of course…. No laughing matter: B-ball star Dwayne Wade apologizes for suggesting people may respond to losses by super Heat team next year as if World Trade Center towers were falling.

THE MEAT OF THE MATTER   Mother Jones: Who is actually better for environment–vegetarians or carnivores?

FOX FAN NO DOUBT  Guy mad over TV reports of Congress ramming thru "leftwing agenda" opens fires on Calif Highway Patrol officers.


One of the great little-known American films of the 1990s was Tim Robbins’ Bob Roberts: prescient on the media, campaign politics, Wall Street and with half a dozen choice Dylan parodies or references, including this one:




In honor of the Washington Post‘s "Top Secret America" series here’s one of the great rock epics: