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Headline of new Charlie Savage piece for NYT says it all: "US Pushes to Ease Technical Obstacles to Wiretapping."

Rachel Maddow on midterms: it's extremistsMaddow on What This Election Is About: "It’s the extremists."…. Christine O’Donnell asks, Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?…. Howie Kurtz’s first Daily Beast piece: How the Media Blew the Midterms. And continue to struggle to understand what’s happening.

Tribune Co. board expected to ask for CEO’s resignation today after string of sexist and boorish incidents involving top execs at company.

Sharron Angle in trouble in Nevada in race vs. Harry Reid for telling Hispanic students that they "look Asian." Naturally, it’s on tape.… Nicholas Lemann profiles Reid in the new New Yorker

Update: Prosecutors mulling charges after Joe Miller security people in Alaska handcuff reporter.

Transcript for my recent  NPR "On the Media" segment just posted…. In a unique move, Huff Post is carrying my daily political campaign dispatches—on the incredibly influential 1934 race featuring Upton Sinclair that I write about in this week’s Nation and online. Today’s coverage, for October 19, 1934, is just posted.

My updated piece on Editor & Publisher (my old magazine) firing entire editorial staff.

In mosque case, Justice Dept. rules that Islam is, in fact, you know, a religion.

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, BILL MOYERS? Major FAIR Exposé of PBS: Taking the ‘Public’ Out of Public TV.

BABBLING BROOKS? David Brooks actually claims money does NOT play major role in election races. Glenn Greenwald takes quite different view here, with evidence.

OUT AT FOX NYTers hit Eliz Bumiller’s appearance on Fox News—among other things, policy is to avoid hostile shoutfests.

OUR MAN IN AFGHANISTAN Jeremy Scahill tweets: "In Afghanistan, it’s clear US special ops raids and strikes are increasing the insurgency & support for Taliban."

BITS & PIECES Daily Beast and Newsweek end merger talks…. GOP sex crusader turns out to be a sex toy peddler….A good "Mad Man" finale think piece from Wash Post‘s Ezra Klein.  

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Daily Kos political arm to release "Google bomb" against GOP candidates…. NYT on GOPers maybe taking bunch of seats in NY, including vs. Rep. John Hall… In last night’s governor’s debate in NY, as one tweeter put it, "Carl Paladino’s Bumbling Takes Backseat To Even Zanier Cast Of Candidates."  


Candidate running for office on a platform of Willful Ignorance. Yeah, I know, could be real. "I am you—passionately unqualified for this job." 



America’s poet laureate Chuck Berry turned 80 yestereday. Here’s John Lennon paying tribute, plus Chuck doing "Johnny B. Goode" with Julian Lennon.