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Bob Herbert with maybe his 10th column on need for Afghan pullout so we can do nation building at home.   Also points to passage in Jonathan Alter book where Gen. Petraeus last year  promised Obama he will not oppose 2011 troop pullout–which he has now hinted he might do. … icasualties.org reports 575 U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan since Obama took office–same # that died under Bush.

John Oliver on The Daily Show:  Catholics CAN build church next to a playground, but SHOULD they — or is it "too soon"?  Earlier in same segment on the "ground zero mosque" Jon Stewart caught Glenn Beck in (surprise) hypocrisy:

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Meanwhile, Yahoo’s Mike Calderone on blatant errors in coverage of non-mosque not at Ground Zero…..   Glenn Greenwald: CNN’s Don Lemon expresses the ugly, bigoted core of the anti-"mosque" argument. … Olbermann special comment and photo tour of Ground Zero area. ….  TPM hits Harry Reid caving and opposing mosque, while Jacob Heilbrunn at Huff Post slams his "moral cowardice" ….  NYT op-ed:  How the mosque fight may alienate our moderate Muslim allies, the Sufis.

Important Annie Lowrey piece in Wash Independent on suicides among the long-term unemployed.

Poll shows only 34% correctly say TARP enacted by Bush; 47% believe TARP passed under Obama. 19% say they dunno.  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

IS THAT A WEEKLY OR A WIKI COLUMN?   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to write weekly column for left-leaning Swedish newspaper.

SLY AND THE FAMILY MOAN    Today’s America: Sylvester Stallone #1 again and millions applaud Jet Blue guy as "hero," now gets own reality show. 

WILL POWER AND BOMB POWER   My new piece marking the death 75 years ago of one of greatest Americans ever: Will Rogers. A true "progressive" whose comments on FDR, the economic crisis and weak Democrats resonate today…. Plus:  My two interview segments on atomic bomb coverups– in the military and in Hollywood– aired on  NPR’s "On the Media" this weekend but now also up on online, with transcripts later today.

HITTING TARGET     That protest of Target stories for company’s "buying" election of rightwinger in Minnesota inspires a fun "flash mob" musical demo:



ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL  Alvin Greene, now facing obscenity charges, howls and wails …..  Huff Post:  As the midterm elections get closer, it is becoming increasingly clear that this political season won’t be any different when it comes to political insults. With the Senate race as a choice between a "mob banker" and a "serial liar" (or a new Republican Senate candidate, Linda "Crotch-Kicker" McMahon), the name-calling is sure to get much worse before November. 

BYTES & PIECES:   Wash Post on counter-marches to Glenn Beck’s upcoming D.C. extravaganza …  CIA tapes of terrorist interrogation found — under desk….  Suddenly emerging out of the closed society of North Korea: tweeting and posting videos on YouTube hitting rivals in the south and U.S. figures, such as Hillary Clinton….  U.S. to ease curbs on travel to Cuba….

BRAND NUKE WORLD   The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy announced that it was suing the Department of Energy for failure to comply with FOIA in a meaningful way over nuclear power subsidies. The Obama administration said in February it would  provide $8.3 billion in taxpayer-financed loan guarantees to the Southern Company to build two new nuclear reactors at its Plant Vogtle in Georgia.


As we noted yesterday, numerous fun videos have quickly appeared to spoof the trailer for upcoming Hollywood flick on the founding of Facebook.  We brought you the Twitter version, now here’s the YouTube story:



In Mad Men episode this week, young Peggy attends a hipster party south of 14th Street in Manhattan, takes a hit of pot and endures flirting from a lesbian–before the cops arrive.  Meanwhile, across town in the Village, Bob Dylan was filming what some might call the first music video (with Allen Ginsberg, no less), warning Peggy "they must bust in early May" and urging her to watch those "users, cheaters, six-time losers."  Also: Watch those parkin’ meters, girl.