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U.S. drone strike destroys house full of children in Pakistan.

Pro Publica: Local officials say lack of oxygen likely killing thousands of fish in the Gulf.

Great Daily Show segment on Fox News blasting  the "mosque" terror funder (who it turns out happens to own part of Fox) — is Fox stupid or evil?  Also, go here for the unedited version of Jon Stewart’s rough handling of interview guest Rod Blagojevich.

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Rainn Wilson tweets: "I’m all for science when it doesn’t conflict with my political or religious views."

PolitFact rules that it is correct to call the NYC "mosque" a mosque…. Foreign Policy: George W. Bush won 70% of the Muslim vote, surprise, but now they are flocking to Dems, no surprise….  Ron Paul: anti-"mosque" campaign "is all about hate and Islamaphobia."   Unfortunately, his son, Rand, disagrees strongly…..

Vet leader and buddy Paul Rieckhoff tweets:  "Clearly one of big winners of Ground Zero Islamic Center controversy: Burlington Coat Factory. Mountains of free press." 

New kind of "press gang"?  Gang members arrested while leaving journalism class at community college.

MONEY FOR NOTHING AND THE CHECKS FOR FREE?  Griff Witte with key piece in Wash Post on billions of dollars in aid getting us little goodwill in Pakistan.

MOONING   Yes, folks, I moonlight as a photographer (sometimes under moon light). 

CHUCK’s STAKE   GOPer Chuck Hagel endorses Democrat Joe Sestak  in Pa. race for U.S. Senate, and will campaign for him…. Major USA Today piece on hyper-funding for fall election campaigns… Primaries today feature John McCain, Ben Quayle, big Florida races,  more fun. 

SHIRLEY A MAJOR  DECISION  Shirley Sherrod declines offer return to Agriculture Department. 

WATTS UP  My new piece with brand new trailer for upcoming Hollywood film on Plame / CIA Leak Case, starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

THE BRISTOL STOMP  Bristol Palin to get $14,000 for speech.   DAvid Waldman tweets:  "Maybe Levi Johnston should sue Bristol for half her teen pregnancy speaking fees."

SARAH SMILED  My new piece at The Nation on how the media REALLY created Sarah Palin.  Hint:  It happened ever before McCain picked her as veep candidate.


Stephen Colbert devotes his "threat down" to all things aqua–including oysters getting herpes due to global warming (or sex with humans?)  

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Man who wrote "Can’t Help Falling in Love," "The Lion Sleeps Tonite" and  "What a Wonderful World" has died.  Here’s the great Satchmo (Music Man of the Century) doing the latter.