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Report:  Elizabeth  Warren to get nod this week — but only interim?  Then Politico says White House denies.  But Huff Post bolsters.

Bob Herbert:  How can we have a true recovery when middle-class has no money to purchase much of anything?

New Jon Stewart profile in New York mag.  He says he watches mostly sports on TV so his head won’t  "explode" but "downstairs" staffers watch "every minute of Fox News."  And it shows, in last night’s latest blast re: Terry Jones and the "ground zero mosque."

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Marty  Peretz offers only partial apology for his bigoted anti-Muslim comments, so Nick Kristof smacks him again.

Famed Civil Rights Movement photographer Ernest Withers unmasked as FBI informant during 1960s and 1970s.  

My new piece:  The U.S. soldier who committed suicide after she refused to take part in torture.

BOMB SIGHTS  Terrific NYT story about photographers and cameraman in secret unit who covered  atomic bomb blasts, some  risked lives, with lots of multimedia in this package.  Also see my recent probe here of shocking cover-up of films from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND  That‘s what Steve Earle called it, and may now apply to the hype over the GOP’s "Young Guns."   Their rollout P.R. plans start now for book, see description  here.  

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL   Huff Post on "five progressives running strong" in GOP swing districts.  Among them,  our old buddy Rep. John Hall in New York.  However, "strong" does not mean "landslide," and tough fight remains…...GOP chair in Delaware got death threat for not backing Tea Party candidate… More on that hot Delaware Senate primary here…..  Jerry Brown apologizes for jab at Bill Clinton over Lewinsky affair.   

ZOMBIE LAND?  Man in his obituary attacks Obama….The New York Times reviews our pal Will Bunch’s book on rightwing in Obama era,  "The Backlash." …..The Onion goes after the "sway" of the  "pinkfaced" Glenn Beck. 

BOB & BUBBA  Saan Wilentz on Colbert tonight to talk about his new Bob Dylan bio.   Tony Blair on The Daily Show, with Bill Clinton due on Thursday.

NOTHING ABOUT PET GOATS, ONE HOPES   President Obama plans new children’s book.

BITS & PIECES  V.A. deal hurts millions of vets? ….      L.A. Times:   al-Qaeda surging again in Iraq…. Death toll now 14 in Kashmir due partly to protest over USA Koran burning controversy. … St. Pete Times: "Skateboarder steals Quran, thwarts burning"


Latest Auto-Tuning the News mixes new Weezer tune with recent epic orations from Obama, Rep. Rangel and Rep. Weiner plus a little Ron Paul for good measure.



For What It’s Worth:   Amazing and unexpected–a Buffalo Springfield reunion, first time together since 1968.