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Matt Lauer refuses to whack Bush, at all, in the big NBC primetime interview/book promo last night. Here’s my full take on it.

By now you know, Keith Olbermann apologized last night—to his viewers, not MSNBC. He admitted a mistake but also questioned the way the network has carried out its donation policies—and how it handled his case.

On GRIT TV last night I discussed with Laura Flander the Olbermann suspension—and corporate donations—plus Fox’s lack of shame,  the Bush-Lauer interview, new Plame/CIA Leak movie, and more.


 Jack Shafer in Slate: Let Keith Be Keith and Rachel Be Rachel. 

Interesting NYT piece on the needy getting to live in foreclosed homes in Florida—thanks to a 1869 statute. Will that last? 

MoveOn responds to Mark Warner’s comparison of them (the "super-left")  to  radical Tea Partiers …. Jon Stewart last night responded to critiques of his rally from Olbermann, Maddow, Maher—that it provided too much "false equivalency" between left and right.. He defended it, but it was nice that he showed what they said…. 

Repeal of DADT now faces tough fight in lame-duck Senate. … Our own Katrina backs Pelosi for Dem leader.    The NYT editorial had said NO.

PACIFICA FIRINGS  Entire staff of Berkeley’s KPFA "Morning Show" ordered off the air, protests planned.

TALKING AND STALKING  Remember that recent Daily Show segment on a Michigan assistant Attorney General who had brutally targeted a seemingly innocuous gay student at a college in his blog and at demonstrations? The guy actually sat for an interview with the show. You had to wonder: How has he kept his job.? Now he has lost it, and also faces legal actions.

MORE MURDOCH FUNDING More Murdoch donations to GOP revealed. More to come?

THE WAR AT HOME National Journal hails terrific photo/text series by Amanda Lucier for the Virginian-Pilot: "While You Were Gone," on what those serving in military have missed while abroad. Latest photo  is "First Grandchild" with this text: "Lilian and Dave Tiberio, along with their sons Ethan, 4, and Jordan, 21, made the long drive from Red Hook, New York to meet their first grandchild. Missing from the reunion is David, a Third Class Petty Officer on the Normandy, whose ship deployed just days before his daughter was born."

LEFT OUT? Glenn Greenwald to continue his debate with Lawrence O’Donnell tonight on the latter’s MSNBC show over how much the left is to blame for latest Democratic disaster.

OBAMA HUMOR? Andy Borowitz: "Obama 2008: Change You Can Believe In. Obama 2010: Tax Cuts We Can Leave In." …  Huff Post’s Nico Pitney tweets: "Days after ’06 GOP blowout, Bush announces the Iraq surge. Obama’s version: a ’60 Minutes’ sad-face." 

AWLAKI: VIDEO STARK  New Awlaki video calls for Muslims everywhere to kill Americans—but at least he’s been booted off YouTube. 

BITS & PIECES  Attorney General race in Calif still a tossup, more ballots to count.  …  "AN ASSAULT ON CAPITALISM": Arizona Tea Party activists protest changes to trash, recycling program …. Texas has 26 percent uninsured—highest in the nation. If they drop Medicaid, that will  go to 40 percent.

NO WARMING? Greg Sargent: Despite what you heard last week, the GOP has NO plans for hearings into "scientific fraud" behind global warming. 


Obama’s Mumbai dance, re-mixed.




 As an antidote to the Bush interview last night and more to come, here’s John Fogerty’s 2007 protest song.


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