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A "toff" act, to follow: And so there’s a new PM in London, as Brown quits, Clegg makes deal, and Cameron enters 10 Downing St. — you can even see the picture  at The Guardian.  Cameron is youngest PM since 1812–but he’s no Obama.  Simon Jenkins says he’s been dealt toughest hand for any PM ever and is not really in power but "on probation."  

Let’s not let this Cameron moment pass without  sending you again, below, to the great Pulp parody "Common People."



Elena Kagan’s newspaper days –at the Daily Princetonian.   Lessig has now responded to Greenwald’s response to him (see links down the page a bit) after their "debate" on Maddow last night. Plus: Linda Greenhouse op-ed in NYT today highlighted Kagan’s views on case of that 7-foot-cross in the Mojave Desert.  Today the cross was stolen.

Obama’s TV ad for Sen. Specter finally arrives–as he falls behind in polls (something few pundits predicted).

Colbert King of the Wash Post says Michael Steele, after his latest "self-demeaning" pro-slavery attack on Kagan, ought to join the KKK.

Fun moment on Fox this afternoon: Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly agreeing that the real target of Obama’s warning to new grads not to get too wrapped up in technology was… Fox News. 

USA TodayTea Party massive fail?    Tax levels at lowest mark since….1950.  

Eyal Press at NYRB blog: What Israelis really think of Obama (not so upset, actually).  Plus: Excellent Connie Bruck piece in The New Yorker on the Israeli lobby in action.

Jimmy Fallon kicked off a week of tributes to the Rolling Stones and their re-release of Exile on Main Street with Green Day doing "Rip This Joint."  Watch it here.

Newsweek writer responds to criticism of his piece about gay actors.  This won’t end it. And what’s this about his haircut?   P.S.  The inevitable Facebook campaign for Carol Burnett to host SNL has begun.  Who’s next?  Phyllis Diller? 


Much more deadly violence in Iraq on Monday—as Allawi warns that sectarian war may return.  Juan Cole on horrid death toll. 

BBC:  Red Cross confirms secret prison in Bagram, Afghanistan—and abuse there.

SEIU releases startling report on astounding number (over 240) of former government insiders now helping the banks to fight reform.

KAGAN AGONISTES:  AP scoop: Kagan advised Clinton to ban late-term abortions. NYT editorial wants some answers from Kagan.

Jonathan Turley on Countdown last night, talking about Kagan’s alleged skills as a negotiator: "Give me principled loser" every time over someone who compromises away core principles, i.e. First Amendment.  Dan Kennedy today raises his own worries about Kagan and First Amendment.

Maddow presented a kind of debate between Glenn Greenwald (skeptical about Kagan) and Lessig (pro-).  But Lessig went last and charged Greenwald with gross "hyperbole" in attacks on Kagan.  This morning Glenn responds at his blog, hitting Lessig’s own "falsehoods."

David Brooks, of all people, finds Kagan’s careerism vs. speaking her mind "disturbing." But okay for a man? Also predicts rebellion now against another Ivy Leaguer on the court.  Huh?  —Sean Wilentz of Princeton on Charlie Rose said the justice Kagan reminded him most of was…Brandeis?

Sam Stein of Huff Post on the White House "war room" and plans to push Kagan through. 


Inside man Mike Allen predicts Kagan will get 65 votes—actually, three fewer than supposedly harder-to-sell Sotomayor.  That means six votes from GOPers.

Pro Publica on Kagan’s "financials."  The ten grand for Goldman work a "pittance" compared to $427,000 Harvard salary.

Andy Borowitz:  GOP, citing Kagan’s lack of judging experience, proposes Paula Abdul for Court.

And my wrapup on how liberal writers are responding to the is-Kagan-gay clamor.


Whoa, not so fast, some Labourites say, concerning "progressive coalition" deal with Clegg and LibDems.

Note: Former Nation intern Millband joins former Nation intern Clegg in PM talk.  A wag on Twitter comments: Now the Tories are interviewing former New Republic interns.

ACHTUNG, BABY  As Bono, that famous NYT op-ed writer, turns 50—or "One" plus 49—the Boston Globe collects half a hundred of his quotes, including "I’m the Imelda Marcos of sunglasses." (Which reminds me, who even knew she was still alive until she turned up on the front page of the Times over the weekend.) 


Colbert last night:  "Greece’s economy in ruins…wait a minute, I thought its economy WAS ruins."  Stewart, meanwhile, made sharp point: Why do newspeople, after missing major story, claim it came about only because of a "perfect storm"?  These storms seem to arrive now, oh, every two weeks. 

Harry Shearer, tweeting from his beloved New Orleans suggested that BP, if looking for best cap for leaking oil well, ought to call on its own legal department, which has been so successful at capping its liability. 


Uproar over reality TV show where virgins would be auctioned off to highest bidder.  Nevada would play key role, of course.   Does Harry Reid know about this?

If you somehow missed the new McCain ad in Arizona, watch it here.


Micah Sifry (another ex-Nation intern) with great post on over-the-top rightwing criticism of Obama’s speech on young people, technology (and the iPad). NY Post hed: BAM’s IPAD SLAM.


Newsweek‘s Behari responds to getting sentence by Iran, in absentia, to years in prison—and flogging. 


McClatchy: SEC probing Moody’s, sending stock price down and raising deeper concerns about ratings.

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