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What if a (gasp) hurricane hits the Gulf slick? Season is coming…..Pro Publica: more reports of illness from the Gulf as BP keeps using suspect substance…..Jimmy Fallon:  "It’s pretty hard for fans of Lost now that it’s finally over. If people want to get their fix, they’ll have to follow that other group that’s lost and confused in the middle of the ocean. You know, B.P."

Sarah Palin  "welcomes" new next door neighbor Joe McGinness to Wasila via Facebook–he’ll be there for five months working on a book about her.  She promises to get workin’ on a new fence…..Joe once tried to win a dinner with her ….

TPM:  Palin’s pal,  NIkki Haley in S. Carolina, accuses enemies of being behind sudden sex scandal claims….while her "accuser" says he has years of emails and texts and his site stands behind him.  He talks to TPM about protecting his own reputation.

George W. Bush in speech reveals that his upcoming memoir begins with decision to stop drinking, says his first line comes from Laura:  "Can you tell me a day in which you have not had a drink?”  He gain, our loss?

WFAN sports radio in NYC reporting NFL will announce Super Bowl coming to Jersey in 2014…. 

Clarence Thomas’  not-as-silent wife launches Tea Party project–and you can buy the t-shirt…..Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist accused of selling political endorsements….

Hold the Curry:  NBC’s Ann Curry gave commencement speech and praised college for some of its famous graduates — but she had the wrong Wheaton in mind.

BITS AND PIECESUSA Today falls for iPad-on-your-steering-wheel hoax…..  Vanity Fair:  At high school in Georgia students dress up in KKK outfits in school cafeteria for class project. ….If you haven’t caught up yet with Rep. Alan Grayson’s "War Is Making You Poor" effort……Wash Post:  CIA considered making a gay sex tape for Saddam.   Was he hiding more than WMDs? …..Poynter includes me in survey of how somewhat well-known journos describe themselves in Twitter bios……


Wash Post: White House still "conflicted"  on oil leak, but quotes Obama in a meeting: "Plus the damn leak!" ….Bob Herbert, reporting from Louisiana, slams BP as longtime menace, calls on Obama to act…..Krugman:  Fire Salazar …..

Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell compromise in the works via White House, could be historic week…remember, Gallup found 70% of Americans back repeal.

John Fogerty will be performing his old post-Creedence hit "Centerfield" at the baseball Hall of Fame induction this year (ex-CF Andre Dawson going in) and describes the inspiration for NYT.  Sadly, it was Yankee greats, not his local guy Willie Mays, he had in mind. 

Politico exclusive: FBI documents reveal details of threats against lawmakers.  Mainly come from men with guns, of course.  One guy vowed to kill Sen. Stabenow over fear gov’t would cancel Hannity and Limbaugh.

CONAN GETS CATTY  Conan O’Brien tweets:  "I’ve decided to start tweeting about world events, so I read four newspapers. Man, is it me or can Garfield be a real dick?"

LIFE DURING WARTIME For first time, more U.S. troops in Afghan (94,000) than Iraq (92,000)…..Dan Froomkin:  Surge failing in Afghan?  In any case, argument for more money for wars seems weakened….Gen. McChrystal getting worried himself, sees "bleeding ulcer" …..Hawkish Fred Hiatt of The Wash Post hails the absence of "vitriol" on our wars, so Glenn Greenwald looks at  why so few seem to really be that upset (in America) about continuing wars in Iraq and Afghan–so few really think they suffer and there is little partisan divide on this one area.  They ignore the financial costs, of course.

RUSH, TO JUDGMENT  Media Matter factchecks Zev Chafets’ puff-book on Limbaugh….from the right, David Frum reviews book and questions Rush’s claims to be a "common  man"…..What a shock:  Fred Thompson’s new book is a stinker, says WSJ.  Classic line:  “I suppose everyone remembers where they were when they realized they were not going to be the leader of the free world.”

BETTER RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY:   David Byrne suing Charlie Crist for $1 million for using Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" in Florida campaign.  Earlier, his opponent, Marco Rubio,  had used Steve Miller’s "Take the Money and Run" and was told to quit. Here are the Heads:


PALIN COMPARISON  PolitiFact checks Palin’s claims about Obama and BP money.  Partly right and wrong, and Palin got money in 2006….Andy Borowitz: "IDEA: Why don’t we try to plug the oil leak with BP executives?"

FOREIGN AFFAIRS   Democracy Now!  New book details unsavory connections between Israel and apartheid S. Africa…. .Israel denies bombshell report in The Guardian  that it offered nuclear weapons help to apartheid South Africa….NYT blockbuster by Mark Mazzetti on covert plans okayed by Obama and Petreus…..

BITS & PIECES Pro Publica:   Probe finds Boys Scouts of America slow to respond to sex abuse charges…..My daughter and son told me this months ago but now it’s official: Our beloved Guinness is "officially" good for you, sez the BBC…..Violent video games reduce crime?  Some new evidence for it.

NIKKI’s FINK?  Now there’s a claim he has phone and text records to prove it.   Yesterday, Will Folks, a top S. Carolina political blogger (and former Mark Sanford staffer),  admitted he had affair with married GOP  frontrunner for governor (and tea party fave) Nikki Haley –but then she "categorically" denied it. Sarah Palin sent her best wishes and urged Haley to ignore "lamestream media"  and voters to avoid "liberal rag."….But  the blogger, who has a mixed record but claims to support Haley politically, says he came forward only because major media working on story.  A reporter for American Conservative believes the story will pan out, and if it does, that’s all, Folks....

DOUBLE STANDARD?   The Oregonian in Portland has yet to report the DUI arrest of its editorial page editor.  This sort of thing not uncommon at newspapers, though often close calls.

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Because Wag the Dog‘s take on politics and the media never gets old.  ‘It’s not a war…it’s a pageant."   With Hoffman and DeNiro.  Albania (don’t tell Jim Belushi) wants our freedom "and we just found out they have the bomb."  Anticipating Iraq?