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Amazing video:  Vintage airplane crash landed today, turned upside down,  at Reagan Airport in D.C. — with Wash Post reporter on board filming it.  No one hurt, somehow.  Click on image to view video: 

Full version of the video that "took down" Helen Thomas released….  In aftermath, FireDogLake asks:  How has Pat Buchanan managed to survive–even thrive on MSNBC — given his record on race and other subjects? And let’s not forget Robert Novak surviving his outing of a valuable CIA agent …. Actually a decent Dana Milbank column here on Helen Thomas and the press corps or core…. Wash TImes, long a laughingstock, puts this headline on its Helen Thomas editorial: HAG GAGGED.

 New contest to re-design BP logo.  One winner at below left….MoveOn’s national vigils for action on oil spill seems to be a big hit…. Huff Post: How BP has "destroyed the world," going back to role in Iran…. The Onion:  "Massive Flow of Bullshit Continues to Gush from BP Headquarters."    It’s toxic and estimated at 20,000 to 70,000 words a day…. Don’t miss video of BP executives discussing poor response to oil spill — as re-enacted by cool kittys: 

Kevin Drum slams NBC for manipulation on hype surrounding Obama’s "not-so-kick-ass"  Today segment today. 

Tom Tomorrow with "fun" comic strip on the not-so-left things the allegedly lefty president has done…..Roger Ebert tweets:  "Here’s an idea. Export people who hire illegal immigrants. Except for your nanny and gardener, of course."… You’ve been warned: Christopher Hitchens on Colbert tonite to plug new memoir….Charlotte Allen in L.A. Times:  Joe McGinniss and Janet Malcolm both back at it!

Elsewhere here at MediaFix,  videos of Helen Thomas grilling Bush on Iraq — and from the time Stephen Colbert ran from her in fright (part of his famous White House Correspondents Dinner routine).

Dead Spin: Firm evidence of Pete Rose corking his bat (see x-ray photo).  He denies he cheated–but then again, he claimed for years that he did not bet on baseball. 


AFGHAN AND FORGOTTEN?  On the day, by some calculations, Afghanistan became our longest war,  seven U.S. troops (12 total from NATO)  killed there, highest one-day toll in months.  Media here barely took notice. Two more died early today.

DEATH WISH  Father and son arrested for threatening to kill Rep. Stupak and wife over his health reform vote….. 

HALTER TOPS  Mike Allen at Politico this morning reveals Arkansas pros says Sen. Blanche Lincoln heading for major defeat today in primary there.

NOT "PRO" BP   Major joint Pro Publica probe done with Wash Post finds years of internal BP reports warning that neglect could lead to disaster: "A series of internal investigations over the past decade warned senior BP managers that the company repeatedly disregarded safety and environmental rules and risked a serious accident if it did not change its ways." 

BARACK GETS HIS KICKS   Obama tells NBC’s Matt Lauer today he wants to know “whose ass to kick” on Gulf oil spill.   Just look around, fella, but he could start with himself perhaps…. Meanwhile, Bob Herbert again hits Obama for not doing nearly enough to stem our biggest problem–unemployment, which is "crushing families." … Bob Borosage also hits the president from the Left here.

A HEAD’S UP TO HELP VETERANS  Another ProPublica piece, done with NPR this time, also posted late last night finds brain injuries undiagnosed in thousands of U.S. soldiers.  "Officially, military figures say about 115,000 troops have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries since the wars began. But top Army officials acknowledged in interviews that those statistics likely understate the true toll. Tens of thousands of troops with such wounds have gone uncounted, according to unpublished military research obtained by ProPublica and NPR."

WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD:  Stephen Colbert: "Note to self — don’t buy condoms at a BP station."   And he tweets (you can actually do this): "Donate to the colbert nation gulf of america fund. because if you’re not part of the solution, you’re…exactly like BP." …. 

TEA TIME  UP?  New Poll: Favorable rating of tea party movement tumbles from 41-39 positive to 50-36 negative.

RABBI HAS HIS OWN "HELEN THOMAS PROBLEM"   Check out rabbi whose video brought down Helen Thomas–quite an offensive impression of a Mexican, and more in weatherman skit.  Now he’s the one feeling viral heat.  Howie Kurtz makes no mention of video in his piece today. …. 

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL  Even as "raghead" controversy lives on, S . Carolina just keeps on giving:  One of two men claiming affairs with frontrunning candidate Nikki Haley takes lie detector test on primary eve–with TV watching.  "Inconclusive" but no clear evidence of lies.   State’s  Lt. Gov. also takes polygraph to prove he did not push one of the Haley "affair" claims…… Marc Ambinder previews some races:  Halter now expected to top Lincoln in Arkansas, Orly Taitz (the Birther queen) may actually get Secy of State nod in Calif., and more.  Chris Cillizza preview….Jon Stewart titled his coverage of S. Carolina the "Race to Replace Disgrace"–that would be succeeding Mark Sanford.

NUKES OF HAZARD NYT on Ohio nuke plant that almost caused disaster in 2002–old problem returns just as nuke industry gearing up…..

BITS & PIECES:  Glenn Greenwald vs. Marc Ambinder on press pack partying with Biden and Rahm (squirt guns and all) –so much for journalistic independence? …. Here come the mass exits? Top prober Mike Isikoff leaving Newsweek for NBC. …. Andrew Ross Sorkin:  New fears of BP actually going belly up when it will need to re-pay U.S. big time …. Andy Borowitz:  "BP Says It Has Successfully Contained Flow of Information About Spill."  ….Given the priest abuse crisis, Andrew Sullivan finds a very unfortunate cover image in a Catholic magazine.


Ad campaign in California appeals for votes to allow gays to marry by showing in video they can be just as  miserable as any other couples so "Make Homosexuals Marry."  With cameo by Tom Arnold.


We brought you Loudon Wainwright’s classic "I Wish I Was a Lesbian" a couple of weeks back, and now the Old Loudo returns with his "Paul Krugman Blues."   Wants Paul to lose that "hangdog look," for one thing.