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Quote of the Day?  Russell Crowe"If Robin Hood was alive today he would be looking at media monopolization…"

Michael Kinsley slams Tea Party in new Atlantic as not really "patriotic."  Piece titled: "My Country, Tis of Me."…. Mediaite notes new Birther conspiracy theory catching on at Google:  the first three digits of the president’s social security number suggest something….fishy.  Dive in, if you want.

Jim Hightower:  The rightwing "loons" should stop suggesting the oil leak was an "act of God."

FLASH: Brooklyn’s The Hold Steady performing on Colbert tonight.

Salon: "The most influential conservative publication you’ve never heard of."  It’s a newsletter called Imprimis. And now you’ve heard of it….Holiday Inn latest sponsor (now more than 100) to drops ads from Glenn Beck’s show.

Correction of the Day:  The august BBC had to apologize for putting up a Web page devoted to ex-PM Gordon Brown’s "legacy" — and then leaving it blank.

Greg Sargent:  While media focuses on Tea Party and rumbles on the right the big news in next week’s primaries may come on the left. …..Another liberal  "Drudgey" site, via longtime blogger Oliver Willis,  launched, National Confidential…..and new from the Free Press folks:  Media Fail site with (obviously) plenty of blatant examples submitted by, and voted on, by readers.

Andy Borowitz tweets a "Lost" spoiler: "Six years have vanished and viewers will never get them back." 

George Will, very uncomfortably, has had to face off against Al Sharpton, Bill Maher and our own Katrina vandenHeuvel in recent weeks on ABC’s "This Week," thanks to Jake Tapper at the helm, and now this Sunday he gets Glenn Greenwald.

Renegade Thai general shot — while being interviewed by NYT reporter.  Plus, photo taken minutes before at site…..Don’t miss goofy photo of Rand Paul (left)–Ron Paul’s son who seems headed for victory in Kentucky–on front page of Wash Post today on TV set in shorts (he just came from soccer game)

Spin picks its top 125 albums of past 25 years and Achtung Baby hits the top.   Not a bad choice. Steve Earle’s El Corazon got to be up there…..Annual Sidney Hillman prizes announced for "social justice" journalism.  Big wins for Bloomberg and the tiny but amazing High Country News for its report on abuse of immigrants at dairies.

Pro Publica’s daily picks for the best in investigative/accountability journalism.


Juan Cole:  Karzai defeats Obama 2-1….Alissa Rubin in NYT: Distrust of Afghan leaders threatens entire U.S. war strategy….USA Today:  For the U.S., Afghan costs now outpace Iraq….Scott Horton of Harper’s on Obama’s "Black Sites."….New America Foundation has a "clickable drone strike" map at Google, updated frequently.

The Guardian:  U.S. to extend Iraq withdrawal date due to recent surge in violence.  Gee, how could we have guessed?  ….Fire Dog Lake has Obama’s official memo on extension….Meanwhile, U.S. soldiers there remake hit  "Blah Blah Blah" video to back gay comrades.

McClatchy:  criminal charges likely in Gulf oil spill….James Fallows, you’ll recall, suggested ovelaying the size of the Gulf oil spill on maps of entire states and regions to get an idea of the scale.  Now he shows that even that doesn’t really show the full extent…. Great series of articles on BP and oil leak (and other subjects) at The Lens site which investigates New Orleans and Gulf issues.

Jon Stewart on that photo of Cameron and Clegg outside 10 Downing Street yesterday:  "It looked more like a before and after diet commercial." 

THE FUTURE OF ONLINE NEWS?  Big piece coming Sunday in NYT Magazine,  just posted,  by Andrew Rice on online journalism "entrepreneuers."   There are many "stirrings of creativity" with startups but "no one knows how to value the product anymore." 

KAGAN, FOR FREE  Ari Melber’s new column here declares "Free Elena Kagan" and asks for "ideological" hearings….Charlie Savage:  Why Kagan’s link to Justice Marshall "cuts both ways."

 PARTIES NOT HEARTY  New NBC/WSJ poll finds 31%, alltime high number, find political  system "broken" and want third party.    But Facebook, facing protests on many other fronts, today launches its "Congress on Facebook" page, highlighting innovatives uses.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL, 2010 AND 2012  Chickens coming home to roost?  Harry Reid seems to be rebounding in Nevada in likely run against the chicken lady, whose GOP opponent is gaining on her…. Meanwhile, Joshua Green at The Atlantic thinks Specter may be done in Pennsylvania, and looks at the race for the "Murtha" seat, too.  And Gail Collins contributes a fun "Annals of Arlen" column.

NYT reviews new Obama book by Newsweek’s Jon Alter today, finds much of it familiar but still valuable.  Final graf cites Obama on besieged but still wanting to run for second term–to keep Mitt Romney out of the White House.

See my new post previewing Jack Hitt article in forthcoming Harper’s on "Palin Porn."  

WATTS UP WITH PLAME MOVIE   The new Doug Liman film Fair Game, based on Plame case and starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watt, about to be screened at Cannes–we previewed it here last week and will follow what’s next.  I just posted the first clip from it here.

SCHOOLS NOT DRONES  Nick Kristof:  As Times Sq bombing shows, Pakistan bigger threat than our ostensible enemies.  We need to build schools there and lower tariffs, for one thing.

BLACK ON BECK  Great Lewis Black bit on "The Daily Show" last night on Glenn Beck’s "Nazi Tourette’s" syndrome (he makes more Nazi references than the History Channel) as we see Glenn link everyone from Al Gore to ACORN to Hitler. 

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ALL THE NUKES THAT FIT    While grumbles continue on the Kerry-Lieberman energy bill, Politico reports that one industry is happy with almost all of it — the nuclear industry. 

DOWN TO ZERO  Economist James Galbraith tells Ezra Klein that the real threat of our giant deficit is…zero.

GITMO BETTER BLUES?  ACLU calls on Pentagon to reverse ban on 4 reporters at Gitmo,   McClatchy: News outlets join in.

OUT ON STRIKES?  Ever wonder how umpires’ ball and strike calls for a whole game line up with what the machines show?  Boston Globe looks at one game.  You be the judge.


"Get out of there" clips from several dozen movies.  With variations involving "hell" and other unprintables.  Also "Get the president out of there."