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Mother Jones:  A photographic tally of what America is really leaving behind in Iraq.  

Huff Post with videos made by guy who slashed Muslim cabbie — some on PTSD, plus a "Funny or Die."  MIke Bloomberg on Daily Show tonight, no doubt defending "ground zero mosque." 

Bill O’Reilly attended screening of porn classic "Devil in Miss Jones" for Boston Phoenix in 1974.

Girls will be boys: how Kinks song "Lola" describes "cross-dressing phase" of modern political economies. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

Top NYT scoop by FIlkins and Mazzetti: Top Karzai aide, accused of  corruption, paid by CIA, it turns out, "underscoring deep contradictions in American policy there."  And Times editorial hits Karzai on corruption.

More on NYC Muslim cab driver stabbed by passenger, a young film student.   Statement by victim, whose four kids were all born in USA.  Odd details on perp: former embed in Afghanistan, works w/ church group that backs controversial "mosque."  Update: He kept an anti-Muslim rant diary.

Great Daily Show segment as it visits anti-mosque protest far from Ground Zero — in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

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Krugman at blog:  Obama must fire Alan SImpson from deficit commission.  "When you have a commission dedicated to the common good, and the co-chair dismisses Social Security as a milk cow with 310 million tits,’  you either have to get rid of him or admit that you’re completely, um, cowed by the right wing."   …. Dean Baker:  SImpson is not just horrid, but ignorant.

Veteran reporter, now with NYT, Anthony Shadid tweets: "Brutal day in Baghdad yesterday. Thought fights between the Iraqi army and police were telling.." Article here on surge in attacks. Obama to address nation from Oval Office on Iraq next Tuesday.  More attacks there Monday?

Huff Post‘s Amanda Terkel interviews former GOP boss Ken Mehlman, who finally came out as gay yesterday and claims there is room for gays in the party.  Also, room for Islamaphobes.

Nate Silver’s grim new projections for 538.com find Dems now losing 6 or 7 Senate seats. This marks debut of his new blog for NYT.  Video of him discussing Senate contests on Maddow here. … Politico gang quotes (anonymous) Dem saying "House majority is gone" come November.  But E.J. Dionne says Dems still have hope because of right-winging of GOP.

CHICAGO BLUES:  My new article here: On my political baptism by fire — at 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, 42 years ago this week.

McCAIN LOSES!  Or so claimed Stephen Colbert last night, meaning, you know, the good old McCain, defeated by imposter, bad new McCain.

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MILLER TIME IN ALASKA?  Likely Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe "Brawny" Miller:  "We haven’t heard there’s man-made global warming." …. Race over, but Daily Show comes up w/ best description of losing Arizona Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth: "a flesh-covered ventriloquist’s dummy."

BUNCH OF TROUBLE FOR BECK   Will Bunch, who has new book titled "Backlash," at  CNN.com on how Glenn Beck is re-writing U.S. history — and the danger if we let him get away with it: 

BITS & PIECES   Time magazine’s Grunwald with favorable piece on stimulus spending…. The Koch brothers respond to New Yorker’s exposing them as major Tea Party funders ….  Major Garrett exiting Fox News, leaves White House spot open for Breitbart, Ingraham, Carlson.…"Strangelove" and "Paths of Glory" on my all-time top 10 — now Kubrick’s widow talks to The Guardian.


Time Inc. announces new magazine: "Time Magazine for Adults." Finally admits that regular Time aimed at kids.   No more silly cover stories and graphics aimed at youth!  Story broken by The Onion, of course.




One of the soundtrack highlights from TIm Robbins’ great death penalty film Dead Man Walking was Eddie Vedder and  the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  doing "Face of Love."