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Remember Cheney shooting his friend in the face? Still suffering the effects, according to Wash Post interview. Good for reminder of Cheney’s media "cover-up" at the time, especially with injuries worse than we were (belatedly) told.

George Bush RangersThe one thing that could get me to root for Yankees: NYT piece on George W. Bush as chief Rangers’ fan, right there in front seat. He used to own team.

Six more NATO troops killed in Afghanistan Wednesday. Jim Hightower on the war…. Report on civilian casualties in Pakistan.

Site finally posts some of those Carl Paladino "porn" emails. And they’re not even the worst of them. Astounding, but a warning, pretty graphic and NSFW. 

Animal House, the sequel: Lee Abrams suspended from top Tribune Co. "innovation" job after racy memo. 

Condi Rice on The Daily Show: work after 9/11 was real burden. Too bad she did so little to prevent that….Stewart mocks CNN’s coverage of the Chilean mine rescue. That safety helmet? Turned out to be a balloon…. Amazing WSJ opinion from Henninger: "Capitalism Saved the Chilean Miners." 

NPR tells staffers to stay away from Colbert, Stewart rallies.

Think Progress with another scoop of foreign donations to US Chamber of Commerce.

THEY REPORT, YOU DECIDE  McClatchy poses question, is Hank Paulson corrupt or merely incompetent?

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL In Delaware debate, O’Donnell refuses to answer if she believes evolution is a myth. Follow-up question needed: What about gravity? Or maybe, Isn’t the world flat?… Hot potatoe: Dan Quayle’s son hit on link to sex site in candidates’ debate… As their debate nears, new poll shows Angle topping Reid in Nevada….  Nate "The Great" SIlver: GOP senate takeover odds are down to 18 percent this week; they had been 24 percent last week. Still favored to take House.

THE BIG C: Cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet, scientists say.

AND FOR BAGS UNDER EYES? Lizz Winstead tweets: "I am seriously waiting for these airlines to start charging for emotional baggage."

BROKER FOR NOW: The Reformed Broker asks: Why are US corporations like Wesley Snipes? Used to kick ass, now avoid paying taxes. 

PAGING CHARLES DICKENS New report from Brennan Center for Justice outlines resurgence of debtors’ prisons.


Jack Black (as the "Misinformat" and "Spewman") and America Ferrera dispute myths about health reform and Obamacare, such as death panels.



A new musical ode to Christine O’Donnell:  She’s not so bad, just stark raving mad.