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Nick Kristof: The GOP’s "Trifecta of Torment" and the economic crisis…. David Axelrod on Letterman last night explained why the presidential seal fell off podium this week: "Witchcraft." 

Big scoop today from The Nation and The Nation Institute: hypocrite Lou Dobbs’ record of hiring undocumented workers. Already getting massive play. Video here.

Marks and Lennon: In a totally bizarre case, the FBI, which once tormented John Lennon, now seizes his fingerprints—before auction. With quotes from our own Jon Wiener.

PolitiFact on Rev. Franklin Graham claiming that Muslim countries ban construction of churches, synagogues: False…. Jon Stewart says his D.C. rally is far enough from Ground Zero, 260 miles, that Aasif Mandvi will be allowed on stage.

NOTE: I am hosting the FireDogLake chat with Woodward today at 3 pm ET.

Maddow talks to Richard Engel about deteriorating situation in Afghanistan… Todd Purdum profile in Vanity Fair questions John McCain’s sincerity all allong.

Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel Prize for Literature…

Andy Borowitz: "Hillary to Become VP—Biden Named President of Afghanistan—Karzai Traded to Vikings." I guess that means Randy Moss gets Elizabeth Warren’s job. 

TV TONITE  HBO film tonight at 9 on Springsteen and the making of "Darkness on the Edge of Town."… Possibly a fun "30 Rock" tonight as Alec Baldwin testifies before Congress and versus Rep. Queen Latifah.

DEMS GO TO POT Headline from AOL: "Democrats Try To Fire Up the Stoner Vote." Should we call new grouping "Spicoli Democrats"?  

BP and OBAMA GET SOME MOJO The always swell Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones probes that commission report on BP and the oil leak.

MAD DOG PALADINO BITES BACK  Got an email from Michael Caputo, campaign manager  for New York Tea Party/GOP candidate for governor Carl Paladino, responding to the Nation piece: "You are clearly a douche bag."  

POLL DANCING  CBS poll: Opinion of the Tea Party movement: Favorable 22 percent / Not favorable 21 percent / Undecided 18 percent / Haven’t heard enough 38 percent (CBS)…. Pew survey: 31 percent of GOPers claim Obama is a Muslim and another 39 percent "don’t know" his religion….  Andy Borowitz: "POLL: Democrats in Congress Unaware They Have a Majority."

CHIPS DOWN  Stephen Colbert tweets: "The loud Sun Chips bag is dead! Long live the original Sun Chips bag! Which it will, since it’s not biodegradable!"

SPREADING POLLAN My long ago colleague MIchael Pollan’s upcoming Sunday NYT Times Magazine piece on cooking and community is up, with recipes.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Rand Paul: No, really, let’s add a 2,000 deductible to Medicare…. Friends, classmates dispute Carl Paladino’s tale of helping end 1970 student takeover at Syracuse…. Delaware update: Democrats lead in Senate and House races by double digits. http://bit.ly/9cfvlEAs good as any: The Times Square "Naked Cowboy" throw his…hat in the ring for Tea Party nod for prez in 2012. Leaves questions dangling.


On Colbert, musical comedy guests Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy talk about their arranged "marriage" and deny they sing the devil’s music. Tweedy wears his "dress plaid shirt."

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As I note elsewhere in Media Fix, Rep. John Hall, the "Rocking Rep" in tough re-election fight in New York. Here he is on stage in previous role, backing up Bonnie Raitt at the famous MUSE concerts he helped organize.