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Shirley Sherrod says she will sue  Andrew Breitbart.

Controversial for sure:  tomorrow’s graphic TIME cover image on "what happens" if we leave Afghan:  an Afghan girl with nose and ears cut off by Taliban.  Plus story here.    And:  See MY response here.   Jezebel comments on the TIME cover:  "It’s not the image, which demands that apathetic readers to confront religiously-sanctioned violence against women without looking away. It’s the headline."

Obama makes fun of poll focus, but in 18 months, the administration has spent at least $4.45 million on the services of seven different pollsters, according to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Important Andrew Bacevich book coming next week.  For a TomDispatch preview go here

USA Today:  Probe finds surging Army suicides tied to rising alcohol/drug use, crime and refusal to get help…. 
The Guardian with valuable video on toll in Afghan.


 Powerful guest column at Tom Ricks’ Foreign Policy blog, probing U.S. soldier suicides:  Is culprit that troubled troops feel they can not betray weakness? 

Tough Nick Kristof column blasting our spending on Afghan war as "a gross misallocation of resources. One legacy of the 9/11 attacks was a distortion of American policy: By the standards of history and cost-effectiveness, we are hugely overinvested in military tools and underinvested in education and diplomacy….Under Mr. Obama, we are now spending more money on the military, after adjusting for inflation, than in the peak of the cold war, Vietnam War or Korean War."

Expect big debate about this all day: Grunwald in TIME agrees with Limbaugh–Gulf oil leak turned out to be a "nothingburger."  

 The Arizona immigrant law will still take effect Thursday, but a federal judge has  blocked sections that required officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws….  Andy Borowitz:  "BREAKING: Defiant Arizona Governor Vows to Block Immigrants on Facebook."

CURIOUS ABOUT GEORGE  Republicans reportedly worried about publication of George W. Bush memoir affecting November election–while it’s set to come out just after the voting, details and quotes are sure to emerge beforehand, perhaps controversial and also reminding voters of the party’s prime albatross.

JULIAN LEMON   Yeah, Julian Assange gave NYT the WIkiLeaks docs but he still has big issues with the paper, such as the decision to discuss docs with gov’t before publishing…. Political fallout from leak may not be strong in USA so far but quite different story  in Europe. 

AFGHAN WARNINGS  Richard C. Holbrooke admits corruption gives Taliban best recruiting tool, and they use it…. My new piece on Obama warned by experts about Afghanistan — in November 2008 shortly before taking office.

ANY DEPORT IN A STORE  Our own Chris Hayes on Maddow:   Obama Has Deported More Illegals Than Bush (video).

SOLOIST AND THE PRESIDENT  Steve Lopez, the L.A. Times columnist who wrote the book The Soloist about street musician Nathanael Ayers — later made into a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx– has a new piece in the paper about accompanying "Mr. Ayers" to an unlikely gig,  a performance for the president at the White House: "I was nervous because I knew he felt the pressure, and I was proud, because he’d come so far and represented the hope of so many."

YOU CAN IMAGINE WHERE I STAND ON THIS  Last month, a study done by anti-Social Security advocates falsely claimed that Americans favor raising the age of retirement to 69.   AmericaSpeaks has now corrected the survey in an online report. Blogger David Dayen at Firedoglake.com spotted the correction.

BYTES AND PIECES    RNC has to scrub Facebook page after many anti-Semitic and conspiracy comments come to light….  Gross error in "liver replacement" story may cause heads to roll at NY Post…. PBS ombud Mike Getler actually had to defend recent Andy Borowitz  Need to Know poking fun at Palin for her "refudiation." 


Did you know the real threat of gays in the military? They may be savage Nazis at heart–as Hitler knew. The Gay Reichs report:

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One of the great soul songs of all-time, Al Green’s "Take Me to the River." Yeah, love the Heads and Bryan Ferry versions but–come on!