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If 1 in 5 (in new Pew poll) think Obama is a Muslim I bet 4 in 5 think we have no troops left in Iraq, thanks to yesterday’s and today’s media angle. E.g. Michael Gordon, who wrote bad NYT pieces on Iraq WMD with Judy Miller, waits until 12th paragraph today to reveal 50,000 U.S. troops remain…..Mission Accomplished: Halliburton gets big contract to help develop new oil field in Iraq.

Andy Borowitz: "The withdrawal from Iraq is a withdrawal in the sense that Cher’s first farewell tour was a farewell."

AP fact check debunks falsehoods about proposed NYC Islamic center. Powerline blog guy mad that AP reported as fact that Obama is not a Muslim. AP memo advises staff against using "Ground Zero mosque." Good reason: not true…. Howard Dean on Countdown tonight defending his views on moving non-Ground Zero non-mosque.

High, hard one: Roger Clemens to be indicted on charges of false statements about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. And about time, as we were heading for extra innings.

Man, those were the days? Time complies a list of the ten things today’s kids will never experience, including camera film, the glory days of Nick At Nite, and music videos on MTV. What about reading a hardcover book? Or magazine in print? 


New Pew survey confirms other recent polls, finds 1 in 5 Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, and among GOP conservatives it’s 1 in 3 — and the numbers are rising, not falling, nearly two years after his election.  Among those who hold the false Muslim view some 60% say they learned about it from (wait for it)….the media.

New applications for jobless benefits in US jump to 500,000, highest level since November.

NBC and MSNBC offer massive coverage of pullout of U.S. combat troops from Iraq–although we are leaving 50,000 "trainers" and "advisers" in place.  Just 7 years or so since Dexter Filkins opened his  NYT piece, May 2, 2003: "The war in Iraq has officially ended." ….  Waiting for Baghdad Bob to announce: "We have driven the American troops out! Victory is ours!"

Jon Stewart last night with another of his Glenn Beck impersonations in discussing the News Corp. $1 million donation to GOP:

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Glenn Greenwald  has response to Howard Dean’s call for moving the non-ground zero non-mosque….   I guess Twitter told Howard Dean to follow Harry Reid… TPM:  Famed attorney and 9/11 widower Ted Olson: Obama Was Right On ‘Mosque…34% say they’d oppose construction of a mosque two blocks from their home.

Pallin’ around with racists? Sarah Palin defends Dr. Laura via Twitter: ‘Don’t retreat…reload!’

PAT ANSWERS AT LAST  My new piece on Pat Tillman film opening Friday, with  trailer, interview. 

PROBAMA:  Obama’s favorability rating higher than any GOP presidential contender.

NO TRUTHS OUTSIDE New indie comedy "Gates of Eden."  Relationships of ownership they whisper in the wings: Does Dylan get a cut?  

MORE ON "MOSQUE"   Amy Goodman titles new column"Mosque-issipi Burning."  … Nancy Pelosi not only took a side on the Islamic Center debate on a local California radio station KCBS, but she also questioned the motives of those who opposed the mosque. "I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded? How is this being ginned up?"  …  Republican strategists are now finally saying that there is now a danger in pushing the "Ground Zero mosque" issue too forcefully. Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie told the Washington Post, "One of the biggest dangers in politics is to overplay an issue."

ANOTHER TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE  Coming Sept. 7 on HBO: "My Trip to al-Qaeda", project of New Yorker‘s Lawrence Wright and Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney.

GRASS GREENER DEPT.  Alternet features an excerpt from Thomas Geoghegan’s book, Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?  How the European Model Can Help You Get a Life., which explains how Europe makes people’s everyday life much more pleasant to live in.

BLAGO DOWN THE DRAIN  Did one juror scuttle more Blago convictions? Some say yes, foreman says no.

LIVE AND LET DYE  Anderson Cooper offered $1 miilion to get the grey out…. Fareed Zakaria jumping from Newsweek to Time… 


"Tom Brokaw" interviews singer "Aaron Neville" about the cocoa butter solution to our energy problems–plus the N. Korean nuclear bomb.




With U.S. combat operations wound down in Iraq, a return to (even) more perilous days, via the great Richard Thompson’s "Baghdad’s Gonna Kill Me."  As he sang, "At least we’re winning on the Fox Evening News."