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Nick Kristof backs legalizing pot: "Our nearly century-long experiment in banning marijuana has failed as abysmally as Prohibition did, and California may now be pioneering a saner approach."

Summary here of Obama on Daily Show. When Obama said Larry Summers has done "heckuva job," Stewart had to remind him about Brownie. Alessandra Stanley complains that he asked too many questions based on liberal concerns!

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Besides Jon Stewart, President Obama met with some other key liberals on Wednesday—a group of five political bloggers, who asked tough and lame questions. Here’s transcript. Closed with question about who he likes in the World Series and Obama says Cliff Lee "looks like a tough pitcher." A few hours later, Lee got bombed. Let’s hope Obama’s forecast for election night goes better.

Rush Limbaugh yesterday: Obama "is the most unqualified imam—er, guy—in any room he walks into."

Eliz Warren posts at White House blog on exactly what she’s up to.

My latest daily "coverage" of Upton Sinclair’s incredibly influential race for governor of California in 1934.

TPM: Another day, another young female progressive assaulted while protesting…. Colbert Takes On The Rand Paul Head Stomper (VIDEO) 

TODAY’s NUMBERS Fewer people apply for unemployment benefits in US, fourth drop in five weeks. Good, or just giving up? 

STEWART LITTLE? David Brooks and Gail Collins debate Jon Stewart rally. David admits he thinks Dennis Miller and P.J. O’Rourke are still funny….. Will Bunch’s take on people attending Jon Stewert sanity rally w/o knowing what it’s for… LA Times covers bee hive of liberal activity online around rally—already a plus?

WEAK TEA Last night: Keith Olbermann ‘Special Comment’ Recites Laundry List Of Tea Party Offenses. 

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Dems claim they are "winning" and cite new numbers on leading in early voting in 11 states…. But Nate Silver says GOPers still likely to pick up 53 seats in the House, well beyond the 39 needed for takeover….  New NYT poll finds mixed results on views of Obama, and by 45 percent to 41 percent most want health care reform to stand… Jerry Brown now up by 10 points in Calif in Field poll….Rand Paul up by 7 over Conway….

WIKI WHITEWASH? The Columbia Journalism Review on the NYT‘s WikiLeaks coverage—"tame to a fault"—"whitewash"—among other things.

THE SPITZER EXPERIENCE My new interview w/ Alex Gibney on his new Spitzer film: A run for office in Eliot’s future? And about those high black socks….

PALIN AGONISTES Facing the tough questioners as usual, Sarah Palin in "exclusive" interview told Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight that  she’ll run for prez in 2012 "if there’s nobody else to do it." You mean besides the fellas already running?… Meanwhile, her guy, Joe Miller sinks like a stone in AK-Sen race, although only means other GOPer Lisa Murkowski will win. 

GOLD FOR STERLING? For ‘Mad Men’ fans: That Roger Sterling memoir from the show actually coming out as a real book for Xmas. 


"I Wanna Be A Political Wife"—even to stand by him when scandal hits.




 Some vintage Arcade Fire: "Every time you close your eyes /  lie, lies." Just in time for the George W. Bush memoir.