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Bart Gellman, the former ace Wash Post reporter, has first Time magazine cover story today, on new threat from US. militias, titled "Locked and Loaded."  Quote:  "[M]ost of today’s armed radicals are linked by self-described Patriot beliefs, which emphasize resistance to tyranny by force of arms and reject the idea that elections can fix what ails the country."

Not a joke:  very serious Politico story on Congress people filing for divorce from….Stephen Colbert.  One aide on the Hill compares his show to "herpes."   Truthiness not setting them free.

Jon Stewart last night on Arianna Huffington’s promise of free bus rides to his Oct. 30 rally in D.C.:  I hope this isn’t one of those Huff Post things where it’s just an embedded link to Greyhound.  He added: "Bus aggregators."   Also, a report that Obama backs rally.

Christine O’Donnell’s lie about attending Oxford found at second site–which reveals that she authored herself, despite her denials re: first site.

Interactive map shows state-by-state poverty rates.

My new piece with all the key links on CNN revealing it was target of latest James "ACORN Pimp" O’Keefe stunt:luring one of its correspondents to a "pleasure boat" and filming it all.Well, that doesn’t really do it justice. UPDATED: Guy who wrote James O’Keefe’s boat plan defends it all.

Andy Borowitz: "Meg Whitman to Build Ten-Foot Fence Around House — Will Keep Illegal Aliens from Talking to Media."

RAP IT UP Yesterday Obama was accused of having some "gangsta rap" on his iPod,  now see video of Justin Timberlake helping Jimmy Fallon with a history-of-rap medley. 

PALADINO,  DIZZY AND  SILLY  New York GOP candidate for governor Carl "Mad Dog" Paladino says: We Should Be Focusing On Cuomo’s Affair, Not My Love Child. Then Paladino blows up last night, curses at, nearly fights NY Post editor, story and video here.  

WRESTLING WITH DISASTER Our own David Zarin on Linda McMahon’s Body Count 

GAIL WARNING Gail Collins (check out here smiling new author’s photo) hails new doc "Waiting for Superman," now in theaters, for tackling the education crisis but questions its claims for charter schools…. Alex Gibney’s "Client 9" doc on Eliot Spitzer available this weekend–from iTunes.

GETTING SQUIRRELY And Christine O’Donnell just reached for her hunting rifle: New research on squirrel masturbation.

RAG MAMAS, RAG New video collects Palin’s "Mama Grizzlys" in one place–to scare Dems into voting in November.



WHO’s IN CHARGE HERE? Michael Moore: Woodward’s book shows who’s REALLY in charge: generals, military contractors – not guy we elected. 

MEANS JACK New bio of muckraker Jack Anderson has many new details on his duel with Nixon–and the latter (maybe) giving  okay to kill him. Naturally, Gordon Liddy was involved. 

LOOKING UNDER THE HOOD We noted earlier this week surge in suicides at Fort Hood. Here is longer look.

CHINA NOT BROKEN, BUT WE ARE "America fights, while China does business," and grows ever more powerful." Good WashPo story. (h/t Barbara Bedway)…. Good Roger Cohen column after visit to USA on sad state of economy here, why it may not get better, and crazy defenders of Bush tax cuts.


The Bob Woodward book on Obama and his war gets that wacky Taiwan animation treatment.



That Springsteen doc on making of  "Darkness on the Edge of Town" coming to HBO next week, here is preview: