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Tomorrow’s TIME cover ranks who most to blame, puts Cheney and Bush at #5 and #6, Obama at #8 ….My new piece asks— is "Baghdad Bob" back, in the guise of BP spokesmen?…  Below: Fun parody (?)—how BP handles a coffee spill at its headquarters.  Mashable: And there are plenty of others at YouTube.

Politico on the great White House-labor feud after Arkansas battle.  Today WH meets with labor to make nice.  And Chuck Schumer cheers on Lincoln for fighting labor.  Yes, this is the Democratic Party we are talking about… Rep. James Clyburn suggests that the felonious guy who won Dem nomination for Senate in his state is a GOP plant.

Don’t miss:  Fun scenario for what would happen if Obama took up Palin on her challenge to "call me."…  Our own Calvin Trillin’s poem on pundits urging Obama to "go postal"…

Army confirms at least 200 remains in Arlington Cemetery may have been misidentified or misplaced.  Report released on this and other problems.  Heads roll, mainly thanks to Mark Benjamin’s reporting for past year. 

Tony Judt with a fairly balanced op-ed today on critics’  views of Israeli—concluding, yes,  it is "our greatest strategic  liability."… McClatchy:  Documents show Israel’s blockade of Gaza is NOT about "security." … Intriguing: Abbas dined with Jewish leaders in the US last night… Democracy Now!: New video and photos from flotilla attack Israel didn’t want you to see.  

Editorial cartoonist compares Helen Thomas to Hitler. …  Max Blumenthal:  Israel’s foreign ministry promotes Glenn Beck’s segment on flotilla incident…  Following his performance at Limbaugh’s wedding,  Elton John, Lizz Winstead tweets, "has agreed to play ‘The Bircher’s Back’ at Sharron Angle rally" in her Nevada race.


MEDIA/LEAK  NYT:  How BP has blocked media coverage…  Joe Conason probes: What did Obama know about the oil spill and when did he know it?  Paging Deep Throat…   The Guardian:  BP shares plunge to thirteen-year low as US government intensifies pressure…. 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea:  Slate’s William Saletan on the "insanity" of deepwater drilling.  …. Andy Borowitz advises:  "Next time you pull up to a BP station, say, I’ll have whatever the pelicans are having."…. Lewis Black on Countdown: BP is attacking our country so we should declare war on them–as with Iraq we’d win easily (they have no standing army) and then take their money…. 

FELON BAD TIMES  Slight problem for that unknown who won Dem nomination for Senate in S. Carolina—he faces felony charges for showing lewd photos to student. Dave Weigel of Wash Post tweets:  "You need a new Senate candidate, South Carolina Dems? Two words: Harold… Ford."  Yes, he flew over the state once…  

COLBERT PLAN  Stephen Colbert told Israeli ambassador last night that his friend Helen Thomas was  wrong—Israelis should stay in Israel and "Palestinians should go back to wherever they came from."  Ambassador replied, uh, no…

CARLY TROUBLE  Whoops: Carly Fiorina, new GOP Senate nominee, in embarrassing open-mike episode on CNN, dissing opponent Barbara Boxer’s hair,  Meg Whitman going on Sean Hannity,  and more.  The dangers of texting while talking.  UPDATE:  Fiorina apologized today—to Hannity, not Boxer.

THE OBAMA OF PORN Salon’s Susannah Breslin on death of that porn star in LA (after he allegedly killed a guy named Tom Dong).  Did not know he played Obama in classic "Erection 2008" video.

BFD BIDEN:   Howie Kurtz on how Joe Biden went from bumbler to big blanking deal–with new media strategy.

MEDIA IN A RUSH:   Great Daily Show bit last night that started with journos childishly jostling for Helen Thomas’s seat in press room and then covered that Biden backyard bash where they cavorted with water pistols, too cozy with people they cover,  ending with a quite serious Jon asking, "Are they journalists or rushing sorority?"

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THE AGONY AND THE A.I.G.   McClatchy:  Panel says government bailed out the company too quickly.  

ARIANNA vs. LIZ  Arianna Huffington famously asked PolitiFact to check her claim on ABC’s This Week on Sunday that Halliburton had defrauded the government of "hundreds of millions of dollars" in Iraq—when Liz Cheney disputed it.  PolitiFact has now weighed in with a "half-true."  But that’s mainly a half because audits continues and some of the milions due to waste and deceit, not outright "fraud."   And here PolitiFact actually takes the trouble to factcheck one of those wacky chain e-mails, this one paranoid about seizure of guns.

FOX GETS HELEN’s CHAIR?  So glad the Helen Thomas seat in press room will no longer go to someone who practiced advocacy journalism and instead will likely belong to Fox.  Media Matters makes the case against it.  

COHEN ANTI-ISRAEL?  No one in the MSM was more harshly critical of Thomas than Richard Cohen of the Wash Post, yet  Andrew Sullivan finds a column he wrote in 2006 in which he called Israel a "mistake" from the beginning:  "It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself."

LAMESTREAM MEDIA OR BUST   Awaiting Sarah’s Facebook or Twitter response:  Fox local news, then Huff Post, speculate about her getting breast implantsHer old pal:  Joe the Plumber’s first official act as elected official in Ohio:  walks out of meeting because it went too long.

BITS & PIECES  NYT advises writers: "tweet" not yet in common use so don’t use it in stories… If you somehow missed yesterday’s Obama-has-to-avoid-angry-black-man-syndrome meme… CNN:  "21 percent of children in the U.S. will be living below the poverty line in 2010, the highest rate in 20 yrs."… Josh Green:   Oil spill hurting Obama but killing  the Tea Party–has cost them media coverage  AND some, like Rand Paul, have horrible views.


Sen. Harry Reid looked like toast for re-election but the GOP voters of Nevada went and presented him a Christmas-in-June present on Tuesday when they gave a primary victory to Sharron Angle, a Tea Party fave with various batty views—including opposition to fluoridation of water supplies.  So in tribute, here is famous scene from Dr. Strangelove where Gen. Ripper warns Mandrake about this "Commie plot." 


Rare footage of two of the greatest—and "prettiest"—Americans of second half of last century,  Sam Cooke and Muhammad Ali.   More changes were gonna come for both.