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Today Daybook goes on a holiday schedule!  I’ll post a few things below as the day goes on but basically we are taking a much-needed daily break for a few days.  

Meanwhile, the daily WikeLeaks blogging continues for day 26!  It’s all here, and we’re grateful for your support, as it has become a kind of global phenomenon.  Here’s yesterday’s edition.  I will probably do a holiday weekend ediiton of that starting Friday.  But now, and over next few days, you can also keep up on all Daybooky and WikiLeaky (sounds like Russell Brand) items via my @GregMitch twitter feed.

For now, here’s a surprise holiday trick or treat:  Bob Dylan doing "Little Drummer Boy."   And he’s not referring to Levon Helm. Ba-rump-a-bump-bum.  Then there’s Sarah Palin killing Rudolph the Red-Nosed you know what.


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