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Elizabeth Warren gets Obama post — but only interim.  The claim:     Even she realized confirmation fight right now would be rugged, perhaps even futile. 

Evening Joe:  VP Biden tells Maddow last night:  “One of the reasons I wanted to be on your show is to tell the progressives out there, ‘Get in gear, man… There’s a lot at stake here and our progressive base, you should not stay home. You better get energized because the consequences are serious for the outcome of the things we care most about.’" Video here.

Are you enjoying the rightwing freakout over established conservatives knocking wacky Tea Party nominee Christine O’Donnell in Delaware?  Here’s more "Tokyo Rove" and a long overdue revolt, sez Michelle Malkin.   To get cred back with the right, Rove might have to help out another CIA agent.  

Elsewhere on Fox last night:  Palin urged her to get her message out through the channel—and a few minutes, poof, there she was on Hannity… TPM:   Video of O’Donnell In 2008: claiming Obama Is ‘Anti-American…" AOL:   O’Donnell’s Linked-In profile says she studied at Oxford—you know, the one in UK, not Mississippi… Rasmussen Poll: Coons Leads O’Donnell By 11, Race Shifts To Dems.

Time magazine’s cover out tomorrow shows an elephant peaking out from a tea cup.  See poll results below for a sobering look at actual GOP chances ….. In other elections, good news for Dems:  Sen. Patty Murray goes up by 9% in Wash. 

MIchael Moore with lengthy post reminding readers of the many liberals in the media who backed Iraq war at the start. 

GOOD WILL HUNTING  My new review of  "The Backlash" book by Will Bunch .

***** ‘DAY’ TRIPPER  Finally, after five months Daybook takes a vacation, starting tomorrow.  We may tweet a little over @GregMitch but beyond that we probably won’t see you again until Saturday, Sept. 25.  See you then!

POLLS APART  When a new NYT/CBS poll came out last night, most in the media focused on one pretty predictable finding—Americans now distruct the Democrats but worry about the Repubs even more. Digging into the fine print in the results, one found these numbers, many of which run counter to the usual media story lines: Fewer people say they belong to Tea Party, down from 29% to 19% in 3 weeks; Sarah Palin’s favorable rating is down from 23% to 21%, unfavorable up from 40% to 46%, and by a 3-1 margin, people say a Palin endorsement would make them less, not more, likely to vote for a candidate. More: By 71% to 23%, people say invading Iraq NOT worth it;  they back tax hike for rich 53-28; 1 in 3 wrongly believe Obama has raised taxes for "most" Americans.  Finally:  By 54% to 42%, people say they want a "third party." 

THE OTHER "SURGE"   Since 2007, Taliban IED attacks—and deaths—up 400%.  

AMERICAN HERO?  Part 2 of my story on U.S. soldier who chose suicide after refusing to go along with torture, hasearned wide attention, thanks for the links and RTs.


Bill Clinton to appear on The Daily Show tonite, wonder if he’ll be asked to comment on how the Dems will screw up opportunities to beat fringe Tea Party candidates, as per:  

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As we noted yesterday, our old pal, Orleans frontman (and Crawdaddy contributor) Rep. John Hall faces a tough fight in upstate New York against GOP primary winner who has a lot of dough and is not certifiably insane.  Maybe this will help give him the "Power" to win—from the fabled MUSE concert that he helped organize, here with Carly Simon and other stars.