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Time magazine’s new cover story: "Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace." 

More attacks on Muslims in USA.   Two of today’s episodes: fists fly at a hookah bar.  Man beats guy in turban, says, go home, : “You’re not even American, you’re Al-Qaeda.”    But those gunshots near mosque in Tennesee? May have just been opening of squirrel season.

Wash Post headline says it: "Twitter Breaks News on Discovery Channel Gunman." 

Here are some of liveliest quotes from Meghan McCain’s new Dirty Sexy Politics book, so you don’t have to buy or even skim it.  And Wash Post reviews it, suggesting there is some sexual tension in the cover photo of Meghan with an elephant, before concluding: "She ended the [2008] campaign feeling alienated from her party and worried about its domination by the Christian right.

New Bob Woodward book on Obama’s first year in office, still untitled, with a lot of debate over Afghan policy, arriving Sept. 27…. Obama and George W. Bush, it turns out, hardly ever speak.

Coming from NYT Mag on Sunday–how London tabloid listened in on, and ‘hacked," the elite, right up to "the royals."  Piece now posted….   We noted earlier that in his new memoir Tony Blair admitted that he "wept" for those killed due to the war in Iraq but he said he’d join the U.S. effort again.  But actually the book reveals very little, this review says.

COURT NOT IN SESSION  Pew survey: 53% admit they can’t name chief justice of Supreme  Court (can’t even guess)–only 28% know it’s Roberts. 

MADDOW AND NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE  Rachel calls out GOPers for hypocisy on health care reform benefits.

BURNED CHUCK    NRA releasing Chuck Norris ad today to boost voter registration, titled "Trigger the Vote." 

BECK ADDICT  David Corn: Glenn Beck’s "whopper" about touching George Washington document disputed. ….  And Kathleen Parker finds in him the "addictive" personality of a former addict and hopes he "gets well" soon…..Wash Post probes how  Beck has gotten away with being a Mormon, leading a Christian revival — but many Christians don’t even believe Mormons are Christians.   Perhaps his most of his followers are still in the dark about that — as with so much else…..

BUNCH OF THE RIGHT STUFF  Excerpt from new book "Backlash" by Will Bunch on rightwing in era of Obama.

BECK CURSES CARDS    St. Louis Cardinals lose 5th straight to weak team, hurting pennant chances, since manager and star attended Beck rally–LaRusa and Pujols may need to go on Maddow to get curse lifted.

BITS & PIECES    Gail Collins:  Palin family America’s new reality show darlings, so maybe Sarah ought to star in "Shooting With the Stars" ….    TPM analyzes recent polls and finds "mainstreaming" of anti-Muslim (and anti-Obama) beliefs, especially among GOPers.


Sean Penn latest celeb to endure interview "Between Two Ferns."   He may wish he’s back in Haiti.



For obvious reasons, as we look to the skies in the east, it seems apt to hear Neil Young do his early classic "Like a Hurricane."