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HuffPo’s Sam Stein reports that at a funders meeting Tuesday George Soros said money should not go to aiding Obama but to building a "progressive infrastructure."

Roger Ailes says Obama "has a different belief system than most Americans."

Finally saw Fair Game, very good if not great, gets you angry all over again about the outing of Valerie Plame—and the lies that led to war. Admirably spends a good deal of time disproving claims about her being a CIA "inoperative," or "secretary." Very little media focus, no Judy Miller, sadly, just a brief mention of press running with administration whoppers. Doug Liman, director, said last night, "The film is fundamentally about Bush lying to the American people."

My take on the upcoming NYT Magazine cover story on "Palin World."… Daily Show last nite parodied Palin’s show, with Jason Jones’ Bayonne. "I can see Newark from here."…David Corn labels Palin a "hypocrite" for her giant flip-flop on the bailout—for it before she was against it.

Pretty strong stuff from Fareed Zakaria in new Time piece on the deficit and various proposals to fix it: “The fate of the US is going to be decided over the next year." 

But Joe Klein, also at Time, differs: “I’m not opposed to long-term deficit reduction, so long as it’s equitable. But I do wonder why these righteous burghers are leading the charge on this particular issue and are so obviously AWOL on a more pressing problem: finding a way to encourage productive investment that creates jobs while discouraging the financial speculation that creates bailouts.” 

BECAUSE SHE MIGHT Patti Smith wins National Book Award for memoir.

ALTERMAN GETS HITCHED  Eric Alterman at Dissent on Hitchens and his book.  "And just how anyone can drink so much, remain sober (sober-sounding anyway), and still function both on a day-to-day but also a decade-to-decade basis will remain one of the great mysteries of my half-century on this planet, on a par with who built Stonehenge…."

FORECLOSE BUT NO CIGAR  Econ blogger Ritholtz helps out Wash Post editors with syntax, and notes banks halted foreclosures not because of "mere questionable practices," but because forgery, fraud and criminal contempt fall under the noun "felony." 

BITS & PIECES  Keith Olbermann resurrected Worst Person last night after dropping it to, maybe, improve overall tone of cable debate…. . Nate Silver: Pelosi’s  favorable rating so low it’s even worse than Palin’s…. First Gitmo detainee to stand trial acquitted on 284 of 285 counts…..Robert Scheer on the "The Man Who Shattered Our Economy." Yes, it’s Sandy Weill, although he has a nice new vineyard out in California anyway….


It was inevitable but that doesn’t make it wrong: Auto-tuning George W. Bush and Kanye "Conway" West.




 We mentioned this yesterday but now here’s the video of classic 1970s era Springsteen meets 1970s era Neil Young (Jimmy Fallon) from Tuesday night.

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