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–We’ll be running a little lite  today, as we’re also live-blogging the Brit election.  Check that out, funny walks and all, right here.  Don’t miss link to hysterical video at very bottom.

–Don’t miss "Sergio" doc on HBO tonight, about UN hero who died in Baghdad blast–based on Samantha Power’s book. I may even skip "The Office" myself.

–ProPublica’s daily selection of best investigative pieces around the Web.

Wash Post ombud says that photo mixup–Obama and Malcolm X–likely a "hoax."

–Kremlin once again pushing adoration of Stalin? So says Newsweek.

–Wacky rightwing WorldNetDaily sent new anti-Obama book opus to reviewers, got some cranky replies–and publishes them.

–Dan Kennedy, at the Guardian, advises keeping public records–public.

–Pakistani sites respond to arrest of Times Square suspect.


–Nick Kristof gets copy of report from president’s cancer panel coming later today calling for more regulations on chemicals to confront cancer.  Also cites panel’s preference for  filtering water, eating "organic food, checking radon levels in the home and microwaving food in glass containers rather than plastic."  And he adds a passionate blog post where he admits he was once a "skeptic" on this, now a "convert."

–Follow The Guardian for full reports on Brit election results today–its own poll today shows Conservatives with strong 8% lead.  The Sun meanwhile put Cameron, the Tory, on its front page in a takeoff on the Obama "Hope" cover, with huge words,  "Our Only HOPE."  

–Also on Brit election,  wild collection of links, videos (including the candidates rapping), opinion, trends, predictions,  from Andrew Sullivan last night.

–Mark Hosenball:  Tail on Times Sq bomber broke down, and he spent two hours waiting for flight unwatched.

–Jon Stewart last night had a ball with good guy Roland Martin at CNN caught wearing an "ascot’ on the air, like Thurston Howell.  Closed with wicked clip of John Stossel in a policeman’s hat and shades looking like he was "moonlighting in porn," or maybe the Village People.


–Talking Points Memo has stayed on top of story of rightwing Family Research Council taking trip abroad with gay prostitute.   Also, see Stephen Colbert’s take in Last Laff below.

–Simon Johnson on the Greece collapse and more problems in "the euro-zone."

–Foreign Policy: Dennis Ross of the National Security Council latest to link  Obama efforts with Israel to securing peace in region–and combatting Iran.  And he did it at Anti-Defamation League dinner.


–Just announced:  Book by Bob Woodward on Obama coming in October.  No title.  Given his track record with Bush, we’ll see three more of these if Obama serves two terms.


–The Washington Post asked 12 people to name things the world should really get rid of .  Media maven Jay Rosen, for example, suggested a certain PBS news show.  The great Elizabath Warren wants to get rid of fine print. 


–Lengthy assessment of Rep. Obey’s sudden retirement: One reason, his "old school populism" at odds with the Obama approach. Plus: Afghan escalation.

–Old pro and PBS ombudsman Michael Getler rips White House Correspondents DInner, calling it an "embarrassment" and claiming Politico posted at least 84 stories or items about it this year.

–Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic has  the list of  Democrats’ talking points on terror after Times Square.

 –Above the Law:  10 reasons Obama will pick Wood for SCOTUS.


–Hope rises that real liberal/populist amendments may actually make it into the final financial reform bill, including the break-up-the-banks via caps one.

–The Onion: The Case Against Goldman Sachs


–McClatchy probes 2003 report that warned oil industry was not taking trouble to prevent and flix blowouts, like the one in the Gulf.

–While oil leaked, a top Interior Dept. official went….rafting. 


–Good take on Newsweek up for sale by David Carr at NYT, wondering who would buy, as its biggest success has been selling Jon Meacham’s books and getting him on TV.  And equally good take on the newsweekly  universe  by James Fallows here.  BTW, did you know that in its early days it was titled "News-Week"?

–Meacham on The Daily Show last night said Newsweek needed to "reverse" matters–put everythng up online all week then gather the best together for the print diehards, though he made an unfortunate reference to maybe many of them dropping the pages "in their tapioca."  Speaking of Meacham, here’s hoping that Andy Borowitz livens up Jon’s new PBS show this Friday, which replaces (gasp) Moyers.

–Speaking of Borowitz, he claims  "Authorities Say They Closely Followed Times Square Bomber–But Only On Twitter."


Colbert on the Family Research Council guy and the gay prostitute.

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