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With a week still go, coalition deaths in Afghan hit new monthly high:  80, and counting….Cato writer at Alternet:  5 reasons those who argue we must stay in Afghan are wrong.. . Andrew Sullivan: move to Petraeus makes matters "worse," hawks firmly in control and troop reduction in peril…. Day after Megyn Kelly on Fox said Petraeus "won" war in Iraq, wave of attacks on police there, more unrest:, assasinations continue. 

Jon Stewart:  If U.S. wins World Cup, rest of world has to stop calling the game "football."

My new piece on Gulf boat captain, hired by BP, who put a bullet in his head yesterday….  Rand Paul talks to Dave Weigel and confirms he is a real know-and-say-nothing …  CJR picks "best" BP propaganda bits, including "ballet at  sea" …. Joe Scarborough takes on Rep. Joe Barton–and Eric Cantor. ..  Doobie Brothers parody hits BP’s "Black Water":  It will "fill the Gulf soon but we’ll keep refining."

In hearings next week, Elena Kagan to be accused by GOP of being "political operative."  Another good thing for her:  hearings may be overshadowed by Petraeus testimony.

TPM looks behind the "sexual advance" charges against Al Gore, which have gone mainstream after National Enquirer fame…. "Up in the Air" author Walter Kirn tweets: "Al Gore must be wishing he didn’t invent the Internet today."

Obama takes Russian chief Medvedev for burger in D.C. and the latter remarks, "It’s not quite healthy but it’s very tasty & you can feel the spirit of America." Obama later jokes that since both me "tweet" the fabled "red phone" no longer needed.


GENERAL CATASTROPHE   Wash Post  suggests Petraeus may not be fully down with current Obama policy — may fight or slow troop reductions.  Another decade of war on tap? …. Thomas Barnett:  Whatever Petraeus wants, Petraeus gets — he is the real "Pope" and Obama won’t be able to say no to giving him more time or more troops….  MIchael Hirsh in Newsweek:  Counter-insurgency simply isn’t working….  

CNN reports that Sec. Robert Gates advocated keeping Gen. McChrystal on — but Obama overuled him.  Gates later says he agrees w/ Obama now, in any case….Mike Allen with insider account of exactly how Biden, Obama and others first responded to Rolling Stone article….

My 2008 article on Petreaus’ close link to infamous 2005 suicide in Iraq by top officer and ethicist, Col. Ted Westhusing. 

GIVE THEM  A MANUTE   Nick Kristof:  the late Manute Bol was great humanitarian.  Remember him by helping to build schools in the Sudan.

AFGHAN AFTERMATH  NBC’s Richard Engel reports that thanks to Rolling Stone piece, there’s now a media "blackout" in Afghanistan…. NYT   editorial suggests maybe Eikenberry and Holbrooke should go as part of Afghan team, too.  The former is most skeptical about the current surge and the latter is toughest on Karzai.  So: does that mean TImes accepts inevitable further escalation in a few months? … Video of Restrepo filmmakers on Maddow show….  Tom Engelhardt:  Is US going the way of the Soviet Union in pouring too much money into military?

FIRE, AWAY Tim Egan of NYT on making this month’s firing squad execution in Utah the last –but what about all executions?  Or maybe we need to televise them.

CLIENT NUMBER 9 AT 8  CNN announces new 8 p.m. show with Eliot Spitzer and conservative columnist Kathleen Parker — snarky take by Times’ James Poniewozik here.   Keith Olbermann responds to Greta Van Susteran’s claim new show will really hurt him.   BTW, I’ve talked to Parker and she is a very nice person and flexible politically—but  she wrote an awful column in 2008 questioning Obama’s Americanism.

RUB OUT  AP (then NYT) pick up on National Enquirer story about woman masseuse charging that Al Gore made unwanted sexual advances on her in 2006 (no legal case followed).

McCHRYSTAL CRACKS   Gail Collins unearths McChrystal’s tweets.  "Restaurant — ultra-Gucci. No Bud Light Lime. Damn. Wish I was on foot patrol in Kandahar. 🙁 "    

DON’T SNICKER  Certainly the headline of the week.

BITS & PIECES  In turning point, Dem money going to Chuck Crist in Florida….  Longtime Middle East and Iraq war reporter Megan Stack with new book ….  Jack Abramoff: From prison to job in a pizzeria (kosher, of course) …. For another good chuckle: Glenn Beck upset with Weekly Standard cover story on him, considers calling for boycott of it! …  I love this NYT pan of heralded new book on video games (of course, I agree with it)…. Yes, President Medvedev of Russia just joined Twitter as a verified guy: @KremlinRussia_E


Joln Stewart told that now that USA is good at soccer our decline is complete and we have truly become a Third World nation.

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