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Obama at  press conf hits "scandalous" lack of oil industry oversight and "corruption" and lists response (various delays and bans on drilling etc.)  Also takes responsibility for not pushing MMS harder but oddly claims did not know about exit of MMS chief today.   Hits critics who falsely claim feds not doing enough on responding….Helen Thomas gets to ask "Why are we in Affghan–and don’t give us Bush excuse."  He says still threat that terrorists will hit us from there–or something like that. 

Admiral Allen in early morning announces oil leak halted, Then others say he got a bit carried away, good progress but far from victory …..AP:  Head of MMS  fired, leak 3.8 times worse than reported.

New twist in "Palin/Joe McGinnis" affair via Politico:  neighbor apparently sought out the author when angered by the Palin in money dispute.  Also: claim that National Enquirer had wanted to rent house to actually "stalk."   Plus, the Palins publish photo of the fence (see left) –The Great Wall of Wasilla?– they hurriedly built to block McGinniss’s view. 

Don’t miss:  Gen. McChrystal hits McClatchy for its typically tough story this week quoting him calling one area of Afghanistan a "bleeding ulcer."   Read why McClatchy is standing by story. 

Dave Weigel:  Bush’s legal adviser says "Sestak scandal" not that big a deal.  Note: At press conf, Obama promised full disclosure very soon.  Also: Joe Lieberman might back GOPer in CT senate race…..Food for thought this weekend:  NYT cites study finding 1 in 5 drivers in U.S. should not be on the roads….Latest tweet from faux BPGlobalPR: "We are dedicated to helping wildlife in Gulf. Any birds that need cleaning report to 287 Quartemain St, Baton Rouge, LA."


Obama overnight suspends Arctic oil drillingWill Mount St. Palin blow?  … .NYT reveals that just before oil right blast, BP chose, for financial reasons, to use riskier sealing method for the well. ….. McClatchy:  BP worker on board rig when exploded takes the Fifth before federal panel….. Pro Publica:  More reports of illnesses from the Gulf emerge.

Obama (finally) doing a press conference.  Will be asked about Sestak "job offer."  Will surely have an answer ready.  GOPers want serious probe.   I still predict this will end with "simple misinterpretation" all around (true or not) and blow over. …Joe Conason:  Sestak affair more "politics as usual" than (as Fox would have it) impeachable offense.

From Twitter wag @pourmecoffee after last night’s Idol:  "Simon Cowell will now pull a Sarah Palin — quit, count his money, and occasionally post stupid stuff on the Internet."

Tim Egan in new online NYT piece discusses what he calls the state of the  Palin Brand, with "car wrecks" piling up on her highway to nowhere.… Greg Sargent, Wash Post blogger, asks if there’s a point where media realize they’ve gone overboard reporting every little attack on or by Palin….

Tweeter "Homer J Simpson" asserts: "Big deal: one oil rig blew up in. If you want real environmental catastrophe, give us in the nuke biz a chance."

DIRE STRAIGHTS?   TPM:  Family Research Council claims more "gay rapes" in military if  DADT  repealed–and straights will then quit….The Hill: Dems claim they still have votes to pass repeal.

BIDEN: TIME IN IRAQ OVER:   VP Biden tells Wash Post in front-pager that Iraq withdrawal on schedule, troops down to 50,000 this summer no matter what, will be "bumps" ahead and "painful" but out we go…..When U.S. troops leave, Iraqis fear prison torture will widen.

BRISTOL’S NEW PERSUASION:   Harper’s (Very) Bazaar posts interview with Bristol Palin and photo of her at a kind of "tea party," plus a behind-the-scenes video.  She still can hardly believe she actually got pregnant.

ENJOY LESS ‘SEX’  Reviews scathing– e.g. Roger Ebert and A.O Scott— but love that NYT headline, "Operation Desert Togs."  So save the time and money and enjoy Babelgum’s "Sex in the City in 60 Seconds."

OBAMA NEEDS SPINAL HELP  Harry Shearer on Countdown last night hit Obama for 1) not acting quicker on oil leak or "at least showing up," and 2) failing to take steps to make NOLA safer from hurricane flooding and not responding to key whistleblower’s charges about water pumps. … E.J. Dionne points out the hypocrisy of Bobby Jindal and others railing against federal gov’t, then begging for more money when crisis hits.

KEITH DON’T GO   Olbermann has switched from  longtime program closes about days "since Bush declared Mission Accomplished" — to days since BP sprung leak (36).

NIKKI’s FINK   Latest from blogger who claims affair with S. Carolina frontrunner–"compromising" photo? Take it for what it’s worth.

ENABLING TORTURE:  New Amnesty Int’l report accuses governments and political expediency with paving way for torture, war crimes and decline in human rights around globe…Noted historian Bruce Cummings on Democracy Now! says U.S. ignores key recent–and distant–history in Korea.   

THIS AIN’T NO PARTY (NOR DISCO)David Byrne at journal goes more deeply into why he’s suing Charlie Crist for use of Talking Heads song……Rage Against the Machine lead boycott of Arizona over show-me-your-papers law.

MINI ME   My new piece on NYT’s "mini-culpa" on Iraq coverage, marking 6th anniversary.

ON THE CAN-TRAIL  New poll in CT finds that Blumenthal has weathered Vietnam "lie" charges, still up 25% in race for Senate……Big Time magazine piece coming tomorrow on the Pauls, father and son, and how Ron will be big factor in 2012 as libertarian mixes with populism and wackyism……Rand Paul has already fired his campaign manager……PolitiFact checks that famous Dale Peterson TV spot  in Alabama–and that of a rival.  Both a little sketchy.

TRIALS AND ERA   Lori Berenson’s mom talks about any change in political views as daughter freed from Peruvian prison after serviing 14 years on terrorism charges: "I don’t think she’d be a Tea Partier." …Glenn Greenwald pointedly points out U.S. demanded Peru try her in civilian, not military court. 


How will the world end–by global warming or the wrath of God?  A battle over what to teach hits the classrooms in Kansas, as reported by….The Onion.

Christian Groups: Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught Alongside Global Warming