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TV drama this afternoon, as BP’s Hayward grilled by Congress, with Rep. Waxman accusing him of "stonewalling/."  Still denies underwater oil plumes and says disperants safe … Dick Armey latest GOPer to, somehow, slam BP’s $20 billion promise. Michelle Bachmann agrees.

Rep. Joe Barton at hearing called it a White House "shakedown," which WH called "shameful." Barton got at least $1.4 million in oil donations. Pat Buchanan calls his statement "courageous."  Fox, as arm of GOP, edits out Barton’s statement.  Barton later apologizes for apology– apology for that apology TK.

Keith Olbermann writes that he’ll stop posting at DailyKos — for a bit — due to harsh and he feels unfair criticism of his slamming of Obama’s energy speech this week…  Meanwhile, Politico notes that Tea Party facing tougher scrutiny with three books coming out from unfriendlies (it doesn’t even mention a Will Bunch book) soon.

He’s baaack: Remember Dale Peterson, the Alabama candidate for Ag Commisioner, whose wild campaign ad went viral? Now he’s returned to endorse a former rival, firing off a shotgun to make a point!

Fred Thompson on Daily Show tonight—interview might last longer than his race for president.


LEAK WORSE? Mother Jones: New expert claims that BP oil leak is "unstoppable" because pipes under the floor have already burst or leaked. Talking Points Memo chart on ever-increasing estimates of BP oil leak. Dick Armey latest GOPer to, somehow, slam BP’s $20 billion promise. Today’s smile: Rep. John Boehner bought a lot of BP stock last year… Stephen Colbert on Twitter: "In honor of oil-soaked birds, ‘tweets’ are now ‘gurgles.’ "

AFGHAN STRATEGY Typically strong Landay-Youseff McClatchy story on this subject, "Experts: U.S. Has No Long-Term Political Strategy for Afghanistan." But hey, it’s only been eight years or so.

RATS VS. LANDMINES Great Nick Kristof column on what to buy Dad for Father’s Day instead of a neck tie or wrench: A giant rat. Yes, $36 will pay to feed a giant rat trained to detect land mines in Africa. And can’t beat that for macho…

KICKING HARDBALL—AND KEITH You know how the left has gotten many advertisers to quit Glenn Beck? Now tea partiers launch bid for advertiser "boycott" of "Hardball" after last night’s Chris Matthews special on the far right…

BEHIND HELEN THOMAS Mike Calderone at Yahoo publishes letters from Bloomberg and Fox News—in pissing match over Helen Thomas’s (still warm) seat. "The Fox assertions are riddled with contradictions," and so on.

LET’S (NOT) DO IT NYT looks at coming execution on Friday by firing squad in Utah. No Paths of Glory, or even Gary Gilmore.

JON vs. 8 PRESIDENTS Jon Stewart offered brilliant review of eight presidents promising energy "independence," and failing. Who knew he did such a good Nixon impersonation?

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WIKILEAKS LEAK The Guardian: WikiLeaks to release video of deadly US Afghan attack which killed, among others, a bunch of kids. And Iceland enact WikiLeaks-inspired law to protect journos and sources.

PRESIDENT MADDOW Rachel Maddow last night closed her show as "the fake president"—with an Oval Office backdrop delivering the speech she wishes Obama had given on the oil leak and our energy future this week. It was so strong she needed to finish by claiming she never wanted to run for office herself. Scott Brown exhales.

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GIBBS FEELS "LEFT" OUT—AND TEA PARTY WORRIED? The White House press spokesman responds to Obama hits from Olbermann and Stewart.

SHOOTING BACK ON NRA: Liberals in Congress now deciding to fight that "carve out" deal to exempt the NRA from new campaign finance disclosure rules.

BRAIN SCAM? Three congressmen demand answers on traumatic brain injury care of soldiers at Texas base after recent ProPublica / NPR probe.

SUBHED OF THE WEEK: "Southwest Airlines employee finds human heads on their way to Fort Worth"

BITS & PIECES: Andy Borowitz: " BREAKING: BP’s Credit Rating Now Lower Than Nicholas Cage’s"… Satirical BP greeting cards to raise money for cleanup efforts… New NYT hit on GOP Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk—this time for wildly exaggerating his "teaching" experience… 12 innovative projects get major funding in Knight Foundation’s "News Challenge" grants.


American movies have gotten so bad sometimes the credits at end are the best thing about them (at least they indicate that you can go home). But here is rundown of the 10 funniest credits ever, with Spinal Tap coming in only at #4:



"I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night," BIlly Bragg once sang. Now you can see my old tortured occasional friend yourself, circa 1971,  below.  Among other things, Phil was a former journalism student who loved newspapers. which fed his topical songs. His song "Here’s to the State of Mississippi" was later updated, by him, to fit Richard Nixon ("and the speeches of the Spiro / Are the ravings of a clown"). Eddie Vedder substituted George W. Bush and you can find Sarah Palin versions and more at You Tube.