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Will there a be new Gene McCarthy? McClatchy: Obama already moving away from Afghan pullout promise……Joe Scarborough tweets:  "The United States spends $2.5 billion a WEEK in Afghanistan. We cannot afford to continue this endless, meandering war"  Even adds hashtag:  #bringthemhome. Went after it on Morning Joe today—Veterans Day.

Rachel Maddow w/ Jon Stewart tonight—a boxing match?  Who will do the rope-a-dope?  A little history of the pair in video.

If you (somehow) missed me on Countdown last night, talking about Keith’s donations and what other newspeople/pundits should do, watch below.

Countdown also did a full segment on the report by the heads of the President’s deficit commission panel and their call for cuts for working and middle-class people, and Social Security, unlikely to be backed by Democrats.  Here’s NYT report and critique at Mother Jones.… Plus, it looks to some for certain now that White House will accept continuation of Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest. Axelord with firm denial.

Reportedly terrific HBO doc War Torn on tonight, with James Gandolfini, on subject I have written about over and over since 2003—mental fallout for vets and suicide—but also with historical approach going back to Civil War.  Great piece by Ashley Gilbertson in VQR on soldier suicide featured in show (I wrote about it myself back in 2007).

Julian Assange leading Time‘s online reader poll for annual Person of the Year. Stewart & Colbert next.

Fun NYT piece about The Onion striking gold with Joe Biden spoofs…. America says "high": TIME magazine cover story today on marijuana going "mainstream." 

KANYE BELIEVE IT? Kanye Twitty? Now Kanye West disputes how Today handled his "Bush apology" interview. And here’s video of Bush’s "I am a decider but I am not a hater" response…. In all the coverage of Bush’s "fetus conversion" to anti-abortion does anyone mention his mom (& dad) were pro-choice?

JONAH AND THE WAIL Jonah Goldberg, who wrote book titled Liberal Fascism, now bemoans the wider use of a certain word as a epithet. Yes, you guessed it, the word is "fascist." 

THROW THE BUMS OUT Next time you hear or read a pundit gushing about the "anti-incumbent" roar this year consider this: 86 percent got re-elected.

LONDON CALLING  PM David Cameron challenges George Bush claim over waterboarding.  Follow updates on London’s student  protests, which turned violent yesterday at Tory headquarters, yesterday at The Guardian. Nick Clegg in hot water for promising not to okay big tuition hikes and then seemingly reversing. 

WELCOME IN THE MIDDLE?  E.J. Dionne: Political pundits claim Democrats need to "move to the middle" to recover but ignore the fact that GOP after giant 2006 and 2008 losses did not do that—yet made miracle comeback… Ari Melber’s new column at  Politico on Blue Dogs v Bold Progressives (w/ new data).

FRANK TALK  I have first look at Thomas Frank’s first "Easy Chair" column for Harper’s—hitting the decline in journalism and Web "content mills," the imits of "techno optimism" and the Web.

BITS & PIECES  Ever wonder which TV shows Republicans like or Democrats favor?….  Counting in Alaska seems to be bode well for Lisa Murkowski and her write-in campaign, as probably sore loser Joe Miller rages….  Slate’s John Dickerson posts comments on Palin’s Facebook page—immediately deleted! … NYT continuing its interesting series following the beginning of the Civil War—as it unfolded in the press. 

NO INSURANCE  The Centers for Disease Control reports that 59 million Americans went without health insurance at some point last year, many with illnesses that required serious treatment. That was up 4 million from two years before.


Steve Martin, currently on a bluegrass tour playing his beloved banjo, recently appeared on Austin City Limits and lamented that organized religion has all kinds of tremendous gospel songs, but there’s nothing for atheists.  So they did this:




 Continuing top rock star "tributes" to George W. Bush to mark his new memoir, this time featuring Neil Young’s notion, "Let’s Impeach the President." (The video is actually better than the song.) How did that go?