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Charlie Savage: In an effort that raises fresh questions about privacy, officials are preparing to seek sweeping new Internet regulations, arguing that they are losing their capability to track suspects.

Hoping to out-Beck Beck, 300 liberal groups plan big D.C. march this weekend, hope for 100,000 turnout, even invite Jon Stewart to speak… Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism: Why is There No Political Outlet for Anger on the Left These Days?

Paul Krugman: Why I don’t care about no White House access, and more from Howie Kurtz today.  Plus, Paul at blog defends hitting Bill Clinton in today’s column on "structural unemployment." 

Poll says 2x as many believe HCR should have done more than think it shouldn’t have passed—yet media persist in letting GOPers and right wing get away with claiming unpopularity simply due to people hating Obama going too far. And more from Kaiser Foundation.

Segway company owner dies after rolling into river in freak accident—on a Segway. 

Media still largely failing to admit that Sarah Palin always was, still is, deeply unpopular.  Latest: she is trounced in poll by not exactly public fave Barack Obama…. Markos Moulitsas at SF Chron on American Taliban (also title of his new book).

My atmospheric just-back-from-Paris photo gallery.

LARRY & JILL  NYT profiles Lawrence O’Donnell, whose MSNBC finally debuts tonight after Rachel: pacifist, anti-death penalty, to the left of everyone on health reform, he says.   He hosts Joe Biden tonight, later in week Levi Johnson, and Stephen Colbert on Thursday—good mix, bad mix?… Gabe Sherman profiles front runner for Bill Keller’s job at the Times when he steps down. Guess who? 

SHORT SUBJECT  Andy Borowitz tweets, "Just saw the new movie about the founding of Twitter. It’s 7 seconds long."

GETTING PERSONAL  CNN’s Don Lemon, while covering latest bishop abuse scandal, reveals he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child.

GRIN AND COLBERT IT?  Steny Hoyer rips Stepher Colbert’s testimony before Congress, says Colbert should be embarrassed, but Pelosi defends.

ISRAEL & DISGRACE  Reports and video of great anti-Marty Peretz protests at Harvard… Nick Kristof tweets: "Israel’s failure to maintain its settlement semi-freeze is a disgrace! A victory for extremists, a loss for peace-makers."  US tries to save talks.

RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE  Alternet (and see Bob Woodward book): Obama’s Massive Power Struggle with the American War Machine… Great to see: Andrew Bacevich’s new book makes #16 on NYT bestseller list this week. Also: Sean Wilentz’s Bob Dylan book at #9.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL  Conway pulls even with Rand Paul in Kentucky… Barbara Boxer leads Carly Fiorina by 8 points for CA-Sen in new LAT/USC poll. In shocker, weak-kneed SF Chronicle refuses to endorse Boxer—or Carly… Jerry Brown on top in gov race… Rubio builds lead over Crist, Meek in Florida US Senate race… But overall new polls show Dems will keep Senate… Fun: How will Fox handle "problem" of half its contributors possibly running for president in 2012 ? 

AGE (OLD) STORY  Friends don’t let friends go to nursing homes—article on the Village/community approach to aging.

BITS & PIECES  Despite some slams about Gordon Gekko turning into Paul Krugman, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sequel tops box office charts for weekend… Bill Maher’s rant about rich complaining about taxes… Can’t wait for Daily Show? Today’s Ross Douthat column on GOP and Tea Party will give you a good chuckle.   


SNL returned Saturday and you may have already seen online New York Gov. David Paterson getting back at the show for mocking him for so long.  But have you still missed the opening spoof about wacky Delaware GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell?


Was away when Peter Dreier picked Woody Guthrie as one of top 50 progressives, richly earned, so catching up now with some vintage U2 doing his "Jesus Christ" with youngish Bono explaining why (yeah, bankers, still a problem).