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Incredible NYT story: Afghan women who set themselves on fire as a "way out." Yes, the rate seems to be increasing. And strong video here… Also from NYT: Are we getting accurate reports on progress in Afghan—or just Gen. Petraeus’s improved "spin"? 

Keith Olbermann suspension lifted by MSNBC as of Tuesday,  president of network announces late Sunday—after a weekend of reaction, and protests (including a quarter-million signing a petition to bring him back). See my updated full story here. David Carr column hereNYT happened to interview Olbermann last week. He tweaked the Stewart-Colbert rally and revealed that Joe Biden had asked him for advice on channeling anger. 

For family of slain activist Rachel Corrie—no end in sight in legal fight in Israel.

This week’s upcoming New Yorker cover: Obama extends hand to Boehner—who offers in return a clenched fist. By illustrator who brought us the infamous Barack-Michelle "fist bump" cover.

NYT op-ed by the late Tony Judt on "My Endless New York."

Big Bush memoir rollout today—so far it appears that he is still telling lie about Iraq, and getting away with it… Andy Borowitz: "The best part of Bush’s new book is the fold-out ‘Where’s Waldo?’ section with the WMDs."

I will be on GRIT TV with Laura Flanders later today.

THE GEEZER VOTE  Poll shows that Dems didn’t lose so much because young failed to turn out but because seniors did—and gave GOP a whopping 22 percent margin.

MORE ELECTION FALLOUT NYT editorial calls for Dems to reject Pelosi, pick new House leader…  Van Jones: We Must Prepare for Battle… Glenn Greenwald hits new Politico piece on how "everyone" is mad at Obama…  Glenn debated Lawrence O’Donnell on Morning Joe on how much the left was responsible for Democrats’ setbacks. Got  heated. O’Donnell said flatly: "I am a socialist.  I am to the left of all you liberals."… A far too kind NYT piece on GOP woman who defeated Rep. John Hall in NY race—she may be "smart" but holds neanderthal views.

GRAHAM CRACKERS?  Lindsey Graham wants to start a war with Iran? Doesn’t he know that David Broder wrote last week that this might get Obama re-elected? 

YES, WE HAVE SOME BANANA  Nick Kristof shocker, with stats: US now a "banana republic"—and will get worse after election. 

BITS & PIECES IHT: Obama in India…  Peggy Noonan: Sarah Palin is a "nincompoop.’"… Lady Godawful: Courtney Love parades naked for reporter…  I complained at the time, but NYT public editor now notes many agreed: Horrid front-page photo of Obama at presser.  

PLAME READY FOR TAKE OFF? Hollywood flick on Plame/CIA case opened Friday—good reviews—here’s my report, brief Q & A, and trailer.


Bill Maher’s take on the Stewart-Colbert rally, at close of his show Friday on HBO, was part funny, part serious, and all provocative. Let us know what you think in comments.



NYT with big Bruce Springsteen interview yesterday concerning release, this week, at last of his The Promise package (featuring unused cuts from Darkness album and recently aired HBO doc). Here’s an extended look at recording "The Promise" back in 1978.   

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