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–Gordon Brown to quit as PM, hopes it will help chances of forging "progressive coalition" with LibDems.  Good luck with that, Gordo!  Plus Nick Robinson of the BBC on the latest "scheming."   Note: Former Nation intern Millband joins former Nation intern Clegg in PM talk.  A wag on Twitter comments: Now the Tories are interviewing former New Republic interns.

–PolitiFact checks claims on Kagan.  Will need crazy-o-meter for claims from the right.

–Good thing he got out of there:  Newsweek reporter Bahari sentenced in absentia to "extended" flogging and 13 years in prison in Iran.

–Micah Sifry (another ex-Nation intern) with great post on over-the-top rightwing criticism of Obama’s speech on young people, technology (and the iPad). NY Post hed: BAM’s IPAD SLAM.

–Conservatives now going after Olbermann for having a blog (Baseball Nerd) at MLB.com–when poor old Rush Limbaugh was exiled by the NFL.  Pressuring MLB to drop Keith due to "extreme" political views and  being "worst person in the world." 

–Study finds "disproportionate number" of African-Americans on Twitter.  Also: half of Twitters users don’t update.

Democracy Now segment on doc film Crude and judge ordering hundreds of hours of footage turned over about Equador fight with Chevron.

–Cokie Roberts, no surprise in her case, let Laura Bush’s people vet her questions for interview.

–Roger Ebert responds to rightwing criticism of his tweet knock  on students who wore American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

–Sen. Spector, who opposed Kagan pick as solicitor general, now will back her.  The left even more leery?  Fun Patrick Leahy quote today: If Obama named Moses for SCOTUS the GOP would have asked for his birth certificate.  And I would add: his ties to Bill Ayers.

–The casual lies of Goldman Sachs.


—Obama to name Kagan, no doubts now.   The Wash Post massive rollout. Media Matters has a long list of "myths" about Kagan—and it got tapped as a "must-read" by Mike Allen this morning.  FireDogLake here. Ambinder at The Atlantic on what happens next and the "activist left" response.  TPM profile.

NYT collects key Kagan docs, including her testimony where she backs indefinite detention without trial.  The Senate roll call vote on Kagan for solicitor general last March (she got 7 GOP votes but not Arlen Spector). Glenn Greenwald’s influential (to a point) critique of Kagan last month—and still hitting her today in new piece on Democracy Now.  Andy Borowitz tweets:  Republicans able to "generate anti-Kagan rhetoric immediately using new iPhone iOppose App."


—The great Lena Horne dies at 92.  Besides the music and film roles, you should remember her as a true pioneer, and victim of racism and the blacklist in 1950.   Here she is on "60 Minutes" with Ed Bradley.


—Exciting!  Clegg sets 24-hour deadline to make deal with Conservatives or he will turn to Labour!  Stay tuned at the Guardian here. Plus:  What Queen will do.  You know, that Queen, not the old rock group.  And Harry Shearer reveals on Twitter: "Volcanic Ash Returns to England: Queen May Ask It to  Form Government?"

—Anthony Lane of The New Yorker introduces Charles Dickens to Nick Clegg and the hung Parliament.  "But hark. That proud braying you now hear is the sound of a donkey who believes, with some justice, that it may yet get a hoof in the door."


—Don’t miss, from the Center for American Progress: The full cost of Iraq.  Human, financial, strategic, with charts and graphs.  includes: "Loss of moral authority." Special section on veterans.


—The other night we noted Jon Meacham on The Daily Show claiming that Newsweek was one of the media outlets that is a kind of Catcher in the Rye for democracy in USA.  Now here’s how Holden Caulfield might react. 


Last night’s penultimate episode of HBO’s "The Pacific" series showed American marines getting chewed up on Okinawa, and ended with first report of a new bomb that killed "a lot of Japs in one second"—and the soldiers getting ready to go home.  Now, this could be viewed as a not-so-subtle endorsement of the use of the atomic bomb on Japanese cities but much of the episode suggested the horrific civilian toll on Okinawa—mainly women and children, as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki—so maybe context is everything.

Your weekly, truly astounding background to New Orleans references in last night’s "Treme" courtesy of the Times-Picayune.


—Headline for Krugman’s column today sounds like one of my old Crawdaddy pieces: "Sex, Drugs and the  Spill."  Slick!  And in blog post today he tackles the new plans for EU and more on bailing out Greece and others.


 —McClatchy: Changing population scrambles regional stereotypes.   Kansas City, Portland and Charleston three peas in a pod?  Brookings breaks down the "New Heartland." 


—-Mark Lilla in NY Review of Books with a terrific Tea Party assessment.


—And Kaganmania has only begun?  Lynn Sweet produces grainy photos of the SCOTUS nominee…playing softball in Chicago way back when.



Remember when Homer Simpson tried to vote for Obama?