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Glenn Greenwald on the scary anti-mosque actions far from Ground Zero, including arson in Murfreesboro, Tenn. — site of last week’s Daily Show visit.   Update:  Report that shots now fired at mosque there.

Krugman on the conservative/GOP "witchhunt" against Obama, and "bear in mind, too, that unless something changes the political dynamics, Republicans will soon control at least one house of Congress. This is going to be very, very ugly."  And asks: " So where is this rage coming from? Why is it flourishing? What will it do to America?"

 My interview here w/ Harry Shearer about the "unnatural" disaster that was Katrina–and his new film airing tonight across USA.

Obama To Birthers: “I Can’t Spend All My Time With My Birth Certificate Plastered On My Forehead.”  …  One conservative place that, surprisingly, is moving somewhat to the left: Orange County, CA.  The OC….

New Newsweek cover story:  exploding the manyh  Fox-generation "myths"  about Obama ….. The turnout at Beck’s "Whitestock" rally in perspective. …  Although Ross Douthat of NYT now says he "underestimated" Beck based on rally…. David Koch, subject of that New Yorker piece on his rightwing funding, appears at big Tea Party event after denying connection. 

Andy Borowit: "When a CNN anchor says he’s on Twitter, that just reminds viewers that they’d rather be on Twitter than watching CNN."

Another morning chuckle:  John Bolton not ruling out race for White House in 2012.

MILBANK  MOVES  Dana Milbank exits his column at Wash Post, moves to editorial page, officially calls himself "left of center." 

PUBLIC EDITOR ARRIVES   Grandfather–and namesake– of NYT’s new public ed Arthur Brisbane was the top Hearst editor and columnist nearly a century ago.  Debut column Sunday revealed that he voted for Obama–and Scott Brown in Mass.

ANOTHER  ANNIVERSARY  76 years ago Upton Sinclair, , the country’s best-known socialist, swept the Democratic primary for governor leading the End Poverty in California movement–and to defeat him his opponents went out and invented the modern political campaign.  My book on this to be re-published this fall.

REPORTER GETS THE YOLK  Reporter covered the egg recall and then gets sick from eating…eggs: 

LOSING HIS RELIGION  Wash Post, in article citing Glenn Beck raising questions about Obama’s form of Christianity (liberation style?), twice mentions recent polls finding  "confusion" among large number of people about Obama being Muslim–not "ignorance" or "result of lies."

BITS & PIECES   Disturbing story about prisoner repeatedly attacked, raped  and left comatose–while in protective lockup…… Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism wonders why major ProPublica story  didn’t credit those who did earlier work on CDO issue …..  Rare NYT op-ed favorable to Palestinians….  If you missed Nation article on brave Friday Night Lights handling of abortion issue this season…. Bad karma from attending Beck rally? Lowly Washington Nationals beating the LaRussa-Pujols Cardinals two straight!


In honor of The Daily Show‘s big Emmy win last night  and the Beckapalooza in D.C. on Saturday  — some called it "Whitestock" — here’s a classic Jon Stewart parody of Glenn Beck from last November that surely helped win the award.   

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Also at the Emmys — Bruce Springsteen, at least in the form of Jimmy Fallon (we still like his Neil Young  better).  As we noted a few days back, there’s a big Springsteen release coming this fall, a box featuring outtakes from his 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town album along with DVDs including the new documentary on the making of that record.   Here’s an excerpt from that below: