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Krugman: "America Goes Dark." Literally, as towns turns off street lights (and other services) amid budget crunch.  Conclusion:  "America is now on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere."

New D.C. site TBD.com led by former Wash Post online chief Jim Brady to launch today.  

My new piece: shocking story on press censorship & how truth about Nagasaki bombing was censored 65 yearrs ago….   Amazing animation  / map by Japanese artist of every nuclear bomb or  test explosion from 1945 to 1998.  Note how the, ahem, pace really picks up and surprising number of French tests.  Article here by Amy Davidson of The New Yorker.  



Roger Ebert tweets:  "Lindsey Graham: Threats so scary they trump the 14th amendment. Me:  Lindsey Graham so scary he trumps the Constitution."

Double hit:  Global warming heats up nuclear power industry.

Spencer Ackerman:  U.S. "super-sizes" Afghan base even as upcoming withdrawal claimed.

WON’T PUT MONEY WHERE MOUTHS ARE   Tea Party now getting strapped for cash, thank god, for variety of reasons.

DON DRAPER MEETS DYLAN   Welcome to the mid-’60s.  Mad Men last night has references to student sit-in at Berkeley, abortions, pot is smoked and more.  There was a Bob Dylan reference, too.  In the next episode, Don Draper runs into Bob Dylan in that club, tells him, "Man, if you wanna sell records, pick up electric guitar."

WHERE’s KISSINGER NOW?  Incredible NYT correction, in a full editorial, re: Nixon and Kissinger’s lies about Gen. Lavelle and Vietnam. 

AFTER A-BOMB,  DRINKING TO FRIENDSHIP  Great piece on famous moment in TV history: When crew member of Enola Gay shocked a Hiroshima survivor on "This Is Your Life."  Turns out he was drunk at the time.

BREITBARTING  Fun Boston Globe piece on the linguistics between new word "breitbarting" or "intentionally taking a statement out of context for political ends."

JON STEWART PUTS OUT ARCADE FIRE  Arcade Fire on The Daily Show this Thursday, presume will do a song.  If you missed the great live at MSG concert– aired via You Tube — here’s a bit.  And see more at bottom of Daybook.



MISSING IN PIECE   Econ blogger Dean Baker notes what’s missing in NYT article on class warfare between those with public pensions vs. taxpayers without them: responsibility of economists whose faulty forecasts guided pension policy.  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

BYTES & PIECES    NYT profiles "struggles" of soldier Bradley Manning arrested in WikiLeak leak cases. … Ned Lamont turning off liberals in race for governor in CT?….. Clark Hoyt, former NYT ombud, hired by Bloomberg to help get D.C. coverage in shape….  U.S. plans to sell advanced F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia in $30 billion deal — Wall Street Journal.


Karl Rove on Fox calls Newt Gingrich a "formidable" candidate for president in 2012, even as Newt admits to cheating on his wives.



More Arcade Fire, this time when they found out what it was like to "Wake Up" with  David Bowie.