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SF Chronicle:  With major updates, Yahoo and Google now in "high-tech news war."

Nate Henn, American killed in Uganda blast worked with child soldiers, remembered by Dave Weigel here.

 Major New York magazine profile of John McCain up.  Yes, he’s still an angry grandpa…. More than 170 progressive groups form One Nation to combat Tea Party.

Very interesting Haaretz piece, inspired by Kristof, which notes calls for a Palestinian "Gandhi" but stresses that Israel needs its own version of same. 

Rep. Eric Cantor and two of his comrades to publish book in September on conservative politics in pre-election push, Politico notes.

Are we really leaving? Although troops are schedule to be deployed out of Iraq by the end of 2011, troops will be staying on Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone as part of a heightened diplomacy mission. If this happens, the State Dept. may more than double the army of private security contractors. …  U.S. eases rules so vets claiming PTSD can get benefits more easily. 

Paul the Octopus, who got the World Cup right, now getting death threats.  Still think he should be hired by Daily Kos after it pollster flap….


JEZEBEL & JON  Big NYT profile of web site Jezebel following its sexism charges vs. Daily Show.  That post  "garnered more than 211,000 page views, over 1,000 comments and a sharp retort from 32 female employees currently with The Daily Show.”

FED UP?  Nick Kristof discusses Islam in new video… New Krugman column on "feckless Fed" — Bernanke needs to "re-think priorities." …  Why are job losses hitting USA harder than most other countries?  

PALIN FOR KIDS  New Sarah Palin bio announced — for children. Hopefully will include sex education but don’t bet on it…. Meanwhile, Palin on Sunday tweets: "Sharon Angle’s right: new workers should get to invest some Social Security withholdings in their own savings accounts." … Much more here on the growth of her PAC and strategy for 2012, also what rivals are doing.

SHEARER BRILLIANCE  Harry Shearer gets leaked copy of outtakes from Lebron-Jim Gray interview.  Shocking!

GEORGE SHULTZ RETURNS  Amazing  NYT review by Alessandra Stanley  for tonight’s kickoff of three-hour film about George Schultz (yes, you read that right).   Even Jefferson only got three hours.   See my new piece on its rightwing backing here.

WORLD CUP WRAP-UP :  Listen to Spanish announcers scream GOOOOAAAALLLL.  All you could imagine…. Daily Kos hires Paul the Octopus….  NYT’s great George Vecsey actually writes that too many yellow cards issued, not too few. …. Too late for World Cup fans, a fatwa declared against the vuvuzelas.  Not a joke.  Another look: "We have survived the vuvuzela." 

AS LIZ CHENEY ESCAPES   David Corn at AOL on the Arianna vs. PolitiFact fight, noting that in it Liz and Halliburton somehow got away.

BITS & PIECES  Wash Post: Environmentalists frustrated as BP leak does not help them make great progress…. Atty Gen Holder may expand Arizona suit to target racial profiling…. WSJ:  BP mulls selling off billions in assets after reporting mounting Gulf disaster costs..  Drawing conclusion: Harvey "American Splendour" Pekar found dead in Cleveland home.


John Mayer parodies LeBron, announcing where HE will be bringing his "tools set" this year.




Bob Marley, "Trenchtown Rock,"  live.  Enough said. "Brutalize me with music."