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2 Afghans shot and killed Sunday protesting Koran burning in USA….. "Non-combat" U.S. troops in another shooting incident in Iraq, this time no one killed.  Soldiers there object to media depictions of end-of-combat…..  L.A. Times:   al-Qaeda surging again in Iraq….. From  Nick Turse — "Afghanistan on Life Support." …

Newt Gingrich says Obama may follow a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” worldview .    Crucial context here from Kevin Drum.  UPDATE:  Press spokesman Robert Gibbs says it’s just Newt’s way of boosting the Birthers (or is that Birchers?) again.

New Jon Stewart profile in New York mag.  He says he watches mostly sports on TV so his head won’t "explode" but "downstairs" staffers watch "every minute of Fox News." 

You remember the concern expressed when it emerged that the son of  NYT‘s Middle East bureau chief Ethan Bronner had joined the Israeli IDF?  Many worried about biased reporting, or at least the appearance of same.  Now we learn that the paper’s longtime Gaza correspondent stopped working in June because of the dangerous position the Bonner move put her in.  Must reading from Nieman Reports  here. 

Shock poll:  Tea Party candidate ahead of GOP shoo-in MIke Castle 47-44 for Delaware Senate contest (primary tomorrow), if she wins would give Dem candidate great chance at victory .  Meanwhile, GOP chair in the state gets death threat for failing to back Tea Party candidate… 

A  "tea-had" coming?  NYT on Palin-Beck ticket in 2012, or as one protester put it, "Lipstick and Dipstick." The Guardian separately saw signs of Palin, at least, running ….  Albert Pujols hitting .200 since appearing at Glenn Beck rally, as Cards drop out of race.

My new piece:  The U.S. soldier who committed suicide after she refused to take part in torture.

‘RACIST’  PERETZ  James Fallows: no other major mag has had editor say something like what Marty Peretz said (in this case, anti-Islam bigotry)  w/o having to resign.  Nick Kristof’s great slam at Peretz, and more, was most popular piece at NYT on Sunday…. Jon Chait defends Peretz, and Spencer Ackerman, who also worked at TNR, responds, Are you kidding me? Everyone there knows Marty is a racist.   UPDATE:  Peretz offers only partial apology, Kristof smacks him again. 

MORE ON MOSQUE & MUSLIMS  Rick Hertzberg:  Yes, move the mosque–right to Ground Zero, not just near it. … Newspaper apolgizes for giving prominent coverage — for end of Ramadan. 

NOT DARK YET   New Pew survey finds, yes, public loves to get news online now but use of "old media" remains steady.   One in ten of those under-30 say they read NYT–online.

DON"T HOLD YOUR BREATH  Eric Boehlert asks, Will Neil Cavuto have the decency to apologize to the First Lady today? 

OLIVER’S TWIST?   Oliver Stone wonders as new Wall Street about to open: Is greed still good?  Good line: He has to be himself because "everyone else is taken."

THOMAS IN THE TANK ENGINE  Clarence Thomas’s wife rips "elites" at Tea Party rally in D.C. on Sunday –when her very sheltered husband is one of the most powerful figures in USA.

BITS & PIECES   Another WIkiLeaks release coming and it will be enormous….   Tom Morello on New Orleans, music, tragedy and hope….The Guardian:  that guy in Kentucky killed  five after got mad about way wife cooked his eggs.  Having shotgun at hand helped.


Before we let pastor Terry Jones slink back into the muck and ooze after his 15 minutes of you-know-what, we wanted to make sure you caught the parody commercial that trumpeted the Koran bonfire that never got lit:




Got to get to this before the month is half over: Green Day’s "Wake Me Up When September Ends," live.