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Amazing stat: only one of the GOPers running for the US Senate believes in scientific consensus that humans cause global warming…. Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, who won’t talk to press, has his security goons detain and handcuff reporter for asking questions. At a pubic school, at public event, no less.

Tom Brokaw op edTom Brokaw op-ed raises constant refrain at this blog: Why aren’t Iraq and Afghanistan wars a campaign issue—at all? Even though "the United States has spent more than $1 trillion on combat operations and other parts of the war effort, including foreign aid, reconstruction projects, embassy costs and veterans’ health care. And the end is not in sight."… New report on shocking effects on US soldiers: drugs, alcohol, mental disorder, suicides.

David Carr on Brett Favre outrage, what a combo. Opens: "In the last week, I’ve gotten a very clear view of two things—the male physique purported to belong to Brett Favre and the inner workings of modern media. I wish I could un-see both."

Watch highlights of one of nastiest debates of year last night, as Democrat Jack Conway mocks Rand Paul’s college "Aqua Buddha" stunt over and over — hard to believe that it helped him.

Howie Kurtz’s final Wash Post column.

Andy Borowitz: "Why would you pay to see Jackass when you can watch Glenn Beck for free?"

DINESH ALREADY Even The Weekly Standard mocks D’Souza: You’re a "committed party hack." 

ON AND IN THE MEDIA  It aired all weekend on NPR’s "On the Media" and it’s posted online now: interview with me about my new book—and amazing influence of Upton Sinclair’s run for governor. Plus my new piece here at The Nation (in print this week). Today Huff Post launched something unique: I’ll be covering the Sinclair race there for the next three weeks, day-by-day coinciding with the date in 1934 showdown.

THE ‘MAD’ HATTER: At close of Mad Men, creator talks about it all.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Wonder if this is a record for a major party candidate? NYT poll finds only 11 percent have positive view of Carl Paladino. Cuomo to win in a walk…. Meghan McCain: Christine O’Donnell is a ‘Nutjob’…. GOP senate candidate in Colorado Ken Buck says homosexuality like alcoholism….  Slate: "If there’s one thing that counts against candidates this year, it’s knowing what they’re doing"…. Maybe most polls this year on election races are "cuckoo"?

BIG LEAK COMING From the Times of London: “Wikileaks…is preparing to release hundreds of thousands of secret military files that would eclipse the recent release of more than 70,000 classified US military files on the war in Afghanistan.… A Pentagon spokesperson said that it set up a 120-person task force several weeks ago to determine the potential implications and damage of the military reports being leaked…. The documents are expected to be released simultaneously by the New York TImes, the Guardian and Der Spiegel."

NO FLY ZONE France asks airlines to reduce flights by 30-50 percent on Tuesday, when national pension protests are planned.


Last week we brought you Jack Black as "The Misinformant" in sendup of critics of Obama as election day nears. Now here’s Part II, where he turns a little girl into Glenn Beck, sort of.



Big NYT review of new bio of the young Jimi Hendrix, so his Dylan "Watchtower" cover seems apt: