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Democracy Now today on Afghanistan: Andrew Bacevich— "The president lacks the guts to get out." … Glenn Greenwald on something called Project Vigilant and the Bradley Manning / WikiLeaks case.  Too hard to summarize, just go read it.

George Packer  in The New Yorker on the "broken" U.S. Senate…. Thomas Frank dropping WSJ column for one with Harper’s. .. Harman purchase of Newsweek  happens.  He is hubby of Rep. Jane Harman.  Jon Meacham out as editor.

Fun Rep. Anthony Weiner / Al Pacino mash-up:  You’re out of order, you’re out of order, the whole House is outta order:  Good thing Weiner didn’t have a gun.

McSweeney’s: Freud takes a meeting on "Mad Men." Sometimes a pencil is just a pencil?

Now people can see what Glenn Beck University REALLY has to offer them with its first ad put together by The Full Ginsberg. "With classes such as Conspiracy Theory Theory, Revisionist History, and Cry-Ogenics, you too can learn everything Glenn Beck did when he didn’t attend college."

The RNC has said that a "scheduling change" is why they have postponed a fundraiser with right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbat. But the announcement came the same day as Breitbat’s "minority-based Tea Party event" in Philadelphia, which TPM reports did not have that many minorities in attendance.

Reuters:  U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson refused to dismiss Virginia’s lawsuit to President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare law. The judge is allowing the challenge–which argues that requiring residents to have health insurance is unconstitutional– to move forward.


AP: With focus now on Afghanistan, high Iraqi death toll casts doubt on "stability" talk there: July death toll — 535 — was the highest since May 2008 when 563 died. Meanwhile, a benchmark of progress, the electrical grid, fails Iraqis. Shop owner in Baghdad: "Democracy didn’t bring us anything. Democracy brought us a can of Coke and a beer."  More bad news from L.A. Times here.

Newsweek‘s Jon Alter: Obama "would be making a terrible mistake" if he rejected the "fiercely independent" Elizabeth Warren.  And here Warren professes: "My Mission Is to Restore America’s Great Middle Class."

Okay bias? Musical chairs in White House briefing room: Fox News gets front-row seat. 

Palm Sunday: The return of Sarah Palin’s cribbed notes on her hand yesterday on Fox. On same show she says Obama lacks "cojones." She should talk.



Good take on the Sherrod case by blogger Digby.

Interesting HBO doc tonight "12th and Delaware" on street where abortion clinic and anti-abortion office on opposite sides of the street.

FOREVER, WAR  Obama on CBS this morning on Afghan: "We now have a strategy that can work. We’ve got one of our best generals today, Petraeus, on the ground. I’ve been very clear that we are going to move forward on a process of training Afghans so that they can provide for their own security. And then by the middle of next year, by 2011, we are gonna start thinning out our troops and giving Afghans more responsibility. If I didn’t think that it was important for our national security to finish the job in Afghanistan, then I would pull them out today, because I have to sign letters to these families — families who have lost loved ones."

ATOMIC PARTICULARS   Not sure what it means but: For the first time, a U.S. ambassador will attend the annual commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima this week. They don’t know yet about the Nagasaki event. Hiroshima Mayor Tad Akiba–who once awarded me a grant to spent a month in the atomic cities–has pushed for an Obama visit some time.

DANGERS FOR DEMS — NOT FROM GOP?  I still don’t quite understand why ethics problems for Rangel and Waters may bring down the whole Democratic Party, even after reading this piece. … And here’s Ross Douthat on something he may actually know something about:  the race for the GOP presidential nod and Mitt Romney as the great hope to save party from the "populists." 

BUZZ OFF:  David Carr: Buzz "Friday Night Lights" Bizzinger — From angry anti-blogger to angry Tweeter.

BECK’s FEAR  Lizz Winstead: Creepy kid Glenn on Mad Men will grow up to be Glenn Beck… When Beck tried to "snooker" George Stephanopoulis.  

BYTES & PIECESFareed Zakaria in NewsweekRaise my taxes, Mr. President! … Andy Borowitz: WikiLeaks hacked into Sarah Palin’s brain, but they couldn’t find anything…. Wash Post correction notes that it misquoted anonymous source….Dana Milbank in piece Sunday ties Beck to that shooting incident in California (though could go farther)….. Frank Rich hits conventional wisdom that WikiLeaks leak no big deal—here’s how they are like Pentagon Papers


Eleven fun mashups of Inception with other movies here.  Just one: 




Well, I’ve held out for three months but now it’s August, no one is paying attention, so here’s Episode One of my "Incompleat History of Rock ‘n Roll." Parts 2 and 3 also there if you dig it.