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NYT: The case of the grisly US soldier "kill team" in Afghan the worst in our history there and in Iraq….When will it end? US apologizes for killing a kid in weekend Afghan raid and studies deaths of civilians in 2nd raid…Steve Coll in The New Yorker on Woodward, Obama and Afghanistan. 

The Economist:  Drones and democracy—Unmanned aerial vehicles are changing the democracy that uses them

Good David Carr column on alleged "generational divide" over The Social Network. Odd, my son and I both loved it…. What would all the Zuckerberg defenders trashing The Social Network be saying now if users hadn’t overturned his anti-privacy policies?….  Expert analysis of what’s true, what’s fake, in The Social Network… Should he be called "Luckerberg"?  Ezra Klein’s take on  Zuckerberg and a world of "simultaneous invention." 

Revealing Wash Post package on life-altering brain injuries as soldiers come back from war.  

Gabe Sherman’s New York mag cover story on cable news wars, Fox the target, with lively Maddow quotes. Story touts "The loud, cartoonish blood sport that’s engorged MSNBC, exhausted CNN — and is making our body politic delirious…."  Rush Limbaugh’s musical turn on Family Guy and visit to Republican Town. 

Don’t miss Elia Kazan doc on PBS tonight at 9 pm, with a lot on blacklist era controversy…. Parker Spitzer, or is it Spitzer Parker (and what about missing hyphen?) debuts tonight on CNN. My new piece on Parker. 

Latest suicides—that’s plural—shine light on plight of gay teens.

RICK ROLLING Jon Stewart breaks silence, briefly responds to/mocks Rick Sanchez. Juan Cole slams Sanchez. 

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Tape surfaces of Nevada’s Sharon Angle trying to get a third party candidate out of her Senate race…. USA Today: After decades of gains, number of women to win election this year likely to fall…. Dems now claiming they are bouncing back and will avoid an Election Day "wipeout," sez Politico. Indeed, a new Newsweek poll shows healthy lead for Dems in generic congressional vote….. Rahm Emanual more or less announces race for mayor via video….Ha: Is Donald Trump weighing a race for Prez? … Rand Paul "tempers" message as election nears.

THIRD AND LONG  If you missed Tom Friedman column claiming third-party movements brewing in USA. Problem is: He imagines they will spring from a centrist approach. That never happens. 

BITS & PIECES Paul Krugman: Most GOP contenders for 2012 now work for Fox, plus more on the channel’s political campaign influence…. Israeli court convicts 2 soldiers who forced 9-year-old Palestinian boy to check for explosives….. I’ll be hosting FireDogLake book salon chat with Bob Woodward this Thursday, 3 pm ET….. Film about classic work by my colleague and co-author "Robert Jay Lifton: Nazi Doctors" opens at Film Forum in NYC  this week.


Classic re-mix: Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck (and the current economic crisis) in "Right Wing Radio Duck." Unless Disney lawyers have managed to get it deleted by now:




NYT piece on Pete Seeger, 91, on his Sunday routine—good tips on cooking corn & talking to folks you disagree with. And here’s a lovely 1966 version of Pete’s "Turn Turn Turn" with Judy Collins joining him.