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The Thrilla in Vanilla, round 3: Jennifer Aniston strikes back at Bill O’Reilly.

List of White House reporters at Obama lunch boycotted by NYT because off-the-record.

Matt Taibbi comments on LA Times article about how the new financial regulations won’t make a significant impact on Goldman Sachs.

Atlas shrugs, drops globe: Man scrawls world’s biggest message, visible from space; "Read Ayn Rand."

Eliz Warren, "The New Sheriff": RC Productions has produced a new western-themed music video hailing Warren as "the new sheriff" of Wall Street.


Massive NYT editorial on Afghan war  tough-minded but mainly just wants better explanations from Obama.  While same paper in news sectionShowcase Afghan Army Mission Turns Into Debacle.  Meanwhile, Army report on suicides reveals AWOLs up 234% since 2004.

Dr. Laura drops "N-word" a few times and suggests some people shouldn’t marry outside their race.

Lawrence Lessig latest to smack Robert Gibbs for "professional Left vs. Obama" crack. Lessig says it’s not that Obama is failing as a lefty–but as Obama. Warmed over "Clintonism" not enough.

Colbert tweets: "I was shocked Fox News had such old viewers considering all their young, hip ads for walk-in bathtubs and mesothelioma lawyers." 

Glenn Greenwald hits James Fallows for defending Jeffrey Goldberg piece on Israel attacking Iran.

My latest piece here on the Great Hiroshima Film Cover Up — how U.S. suppressed for decades the key footage shot in the atomic cities by our own military crews.

NYT declines Obama’s off-the-record lunch invitation. A dozen reporters attended Thursday’s session.

TIME OFFQuestions from feminist group about author’s vested interests & accuracy of that Time cover story on Afghan women. Writer’s husband has business ties in Afghanistan, and more.

DEATH MOSQUE?  Bryan Fischer, the "Director of Issues Analysis" for the American Family Association. Tells TPM that, "every single mosque is a potential terror training center or recruitment center for jihad," so therefore "you cannot claim first amendment protections if your religious organization is engaged in subversive activities."

THUMBS UP   Roger Ebert on Hitchens, cancer, death and God. As pastor puts $1 million bounty on the soul of Hitchens.

PALIN JOKE   Rep. Timothy Horrigan resigns from New Hampshire’s House of Representatives due to joking remarks about Sarah Palin’s death he made on Facebook. 

NO BIG LOSS  The usual: play by the rules and use your head –and suffer. NYT reports one of the great "paradoxes" of the recession: the more you borrowed foolishly the less likely you’ll have to pay off much of it. 

BYTES & PIECES   Dan Ellsberg testifies at Iraq war protestor’s trial…. Jonathan Franzen on cover of TIME this week, first living author in nearly a decade… Some doctors in Mass., to promote health and cut obesity, are handing patients coupons good to get apples at local farmers or orchards. 


Hey, they’ve made big Hollywood flick about the founding of Facebook–and nothing on Twitter? This takes care of it:


Arcade Fire, a surprising #1 on the charts, visits The Daily Show with "Ready to Start," as the show sent off a second tune from their album.  

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