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Folks, I am taking a mental health day, or at least  morning, here.  Due to holiday party (you know how it goes) and exhaustion from continuing WikiLeaks blogging.

Follow that blogging here, with full reports on Assange making the rounds of US morning shows on TV.  Here are a few items below.  And I will be back later, no doubt, so return for a look.

Social scientists’ study finds (what a shocker) Fox viewers most ill-informed, but revealing details, and sad.

Politifact names "Govt Run Healthcare" lie of the year.

My memory of Larry King on his farewell:  As a guest on his latenight radio show before he went to TV  — and then on CNN show sitting next to the pilot who bombed Nagasaki.  

CIA spy chief for Pakistan has to flee country after name revealed in….lawsuit over drone attacks.   NYT:   "The CIA station chief in Islamabad is perhaps the agency’s most important undercover assignment overseas because that person oversees its secret war in Pakistan using armed drones that target Al Qaeda and the Taliban."

Rachel Maddow vs. US Senate—and "the base" vs. Obama.

NYT on the big tax cut bill vote in the House.

Matt Taibbi in Rolling StoneBernie Sanders put Obama to shame.

Mixed report to Obama on Afghan war reveals split on pullout.  NYT editorial not impressed.

In NYT on Sunday, online now: Garrison Keillor on "The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1"  

 Econ blogger Barry Ritholtz’s 10 Reality-based Questions for GOP members of Financial Crisis Commission.  (h/t Barbara Bedway).


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