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Wash Post profiles Pete Rouse—Obama’s fixer, soon to be replacing happy "Rahm I’m Done" Emanuel.  NYT headlines its story: "The Swearing Stops Now." Much more from Mike Allen. Rahm to announce for mayor of Chicago next week—but there’s split on his chances in crowded field.

NYT editorial blasts Carl Paladino as "out of control’ and last thing New York needs. Meanwhile, The Atlantic has animated the classic near fight between the GOP candidate for gov and the NY Post’s Fred Dicker—chilling it out so nice bears can recreate it.


Glenn Greenwald: Well-documented UN report on the Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla met with "deafening silence" from media and government: "The fact that a 19-year-old American citizen was one of the dead—among those whom the report concluded was ‘summarily executed’ by the Israelis—makes the U.S. Government’s silence here all the more appalling."  …. Lawrence Wright’s new one-man show on his Gaza reporting for The New Yorker  opens in NYC tomorrow.

Lawrence Lessing reviews "The Social Network." Awatiing my son’s review from midnight showing.

We noted earlier NYT Mag cover story on Glenn Beck coming Sunday but here’s a Media Matters roundup of material from there and elsewhere about Fox getting increasingly uneasy or even miffed about Glenn.

Film about classic work by my colleague and co-author "Robert Jay Lifton: Nazi Doctors" opens at Film Forum in NYC  next week.

WHITMAN SAMPLER  Andy Borowitz: "Meg Whitman to Build Ten-Foot Fence Around House—Will Keep Illegal Aliens from Talking to Media." L.A. Times: Meg says she’ll take a lie detector test to clear her name on the "maid in America" crisis. (I hear you can buy a good machine on eBay.)

GOOD SPORTS NYT with two cool pieces today: raising questions about Jose Bautista’s giant surge in HRs, and how finding rare tape of 1960 World Series—in Bing Crosby’s basement—sheds new light on famed Mickey Mantle slide in Game 7.

SEND US THE BILLS Bill Maher goes head to head with Bill O’Reilly on his Fox show, over religion, in this video.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Millionaire CT Senate candidate Linda McMahon wants minimum wage cut but admits she doesn’t know figure ($7.25) …. Nate Silver’s latest Senate polls and forecasts continue to put GOP on "upswing" there…. Christine O’Donnell’s lie about attending Oxford found at second site—which reveals that she authored herself, despite her denials re: first site. Also, TPM has roundup of all her fibs.

WRESTLING WITH DISASTER Our own David Zirin on "Linda McMahon’s Body Count" from her days as CEO of pumped-up fake sport.

WHO’s IN CHARGE HERE? Michael Moore: Woodward’s book shows who’s REALLY in charge: generals, military contractors—not guy we elected. 

THIS MEANS JACK New bio of muckraker Jack Anderson has many new details on his duel with Nixon—and the latter (maybe) giving okay to kill him. Naturally, Gordon Liddy was involved.

BITS & PIECES Seattle Times: That big Afghan war crimes case reopens scrutiny of Iraq killings…. NYT: As warned, document flaws have put brakes on foreclosures…. Jon Stewart last night happily played clip of Obama semi-endorsing his October 30 rally to restore sanity "or something." 


A Funny or Die parody of those who keep on supporing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, with Sarah Silverman, Weird Al, and other comics.


If you missed the Jimmy Fallon/Justin TImberlake "History of Rap" on Wednesday night.