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As Obama heads to New Orleans, BP now says won’t know about Top Kill success for yet another day. Rubber balls may be added to mix……Devastating from WSJ: "nobody in charge" on Deepwater Horizon rig on day of explosion.…. Newsweek on BP’s "photo blockade" of coverage of the spill….McClatchy on longterm economic fallout

House passes repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Ron Paul one of few GOPers to back repeal. But won’t take effect until at least next February. Think Progress has behind-the-scenes report.

NYT Magazine this Sunday takes hard look at singer M.I.A. (story online now), her "agitprop" and unsavory political link to Tamil Tigers. This led singer to tweet phone number of the writer, veteran Lynn Hirschberg—which led to deluge of calls to Lynn.

Another U.S. fatality in Afghanistan brings American military death toll there to 1,000 in AP’s count today, just in time for Memorial Day.

Charlie Savage: Senior U.N. official set to ask U.S. to halt CIA drone attacks. Should be interesting.

Hannah Allam, the longtime and great McClatchy/Knight Ridder bureau boss in Middle East, files good piece on life getting harder for average Iraqis during this "transition" period.

The Guardian with wonderful story about dozens of Italian women who have slept with priests who have written the Pope asking for easing of celibacy rules.

NOTE: No updates later today, sorry.

BLAIR WHICH? Full review of HBO film coming Saturday on "Special Relationship" between Bill Clinton (Dennis Quaid) and Tony Blair (Michael Sheen, yet again). Hope Davis as Hillary, with a Lewinsky interlude.

Alex Massie in The Spectator on ex-Nation intern Nick Clegg’s challenge—and responsibility—as "Veep" of UK.

I’LL DRINK TO THIS NYT introduces new regular feature on drinking and drinkers (and bartenders)—with wonderful title, "The Tipsy Diaries"—by Frank Bruni. He’s the former restaurant critic and before that covered political campaigns, famously dubbed "Pancho" by Dubya.

TWEETS TWEAK BP Latest tweets from faux BP Global PR: "Can we just start calling it the oilcean and move on please?" and "We are dedicated to helping wildlife in Gulf. Any birds that need cleaning report to 287 Quartemain St, Baton Rouge, LA." Plus, Andy Borowitz: "Joe the Plumber Strangely Silent on Leak."

ON THE CAN-PAINTRAIL Can Bill Clinton save Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas senate race?

Rand Paul in new poll only leads Democrat Conway by about 4%—and that’s with most people there still not familiar with many of his stands.

COUNTDOWN TO ‘COUNTDOWN TO ZERO’ Important nuclear weapons abolition film, which debuted at Cannes this month, coming in a few weeks, from Lawrence Bender, who produced An Inconvenient Truth. Will it have similar effect, or like Jonathan Schell’s The Fate of the Earth in early 1980s? Just today there’s a report that those global nuclear arms control talks now on brink of failure. Here’s official trailer for film below.

THAT’S ALL, FOLKS? Latest on alleged S. Carolina sex scandal: Blogger Will Folks releases cellphone records. But doesn’t prove case.

BITS & PIECES Fun video spoof of TV political panel shows…..Look for GOP today to charge that Obama "coordinated" response to claims on Sestak incident with—Sestak…..Miss USA hits rightwing anti-Muslim smears and her alleged links to Hezbollah.

THAT DANG FENCE Turns out house next to Sarah Palin’s place in Alaska rented by writer Joe McGinniss previously housed drug addicts—and she’s complaining only now…..Another new twist in "Palin/Joe McGinnis" affair via Politico: neighbor with that rental apparently sought out the author when angered by Palin in money dispute. Also: claim that National Enquirer had wanted to rent house to actually "stalk." Plus, the Palins publish photo of the fence—The Great Wall of Wasilla?—they hurriedly built to block McGinniss’s view.

TODAY’s LAFF It’s Dan Noyes, well-known TV guy in the Bay Area, attempting to secure an interview while dealing with local hospital’s PR guy-from-hell who keeps touching him on the shoulder—which he, obviously, doesn’t like. Not an "I Love You, Man" moment.